Village Attached to Ice Spike/Jungle/Giant Spruce Taiga Biome Combo! Seed

As soon as you spawn in this seed, you will see a Jungle Temple in front of you. But if you turn right and walk for a bit, you can find a Ice Spike/Jungle/Giant Spruce Taiga biome combo with a Village attached to the Ice Spike mountain! And if you explore  the snowy land past the village/biome combo, you can find an Igloo with a basement, a Pillager Outpost near a Village, and a Village hidden in the Cold Taiga biome!

Seed ID


How did you get the overview? I like to get one.
Hello, I am in version 1.16 and in this seed, at the coordinates 3445 66 263 there is an almost complete abandoned portal: D
Guest-2123966746 May 15, 2020 at 7:23 pm
Oh yes, now I can get both an ocelot and a fox
Its very good for starting a survival due to igloo village and mob spawn nearby. Amazing seed
Actually worked!! Thanks soo much! This deserves a five star review from EVERYBODY! ;D
Theres also two villages on the other direction of the Igloo
Great, has a mob spawn at 3661,62,211!
Wow it's awesome I liked it,the igloo was my favorite btw try it