Published on September 07, 2021 (Updated on September 29, 2021)

Villager Knight Addon [Bug Fixed]

Did you feel helpless when your village get raid by illagers? 

Did you feel alone when your explore outside world?

[English:] Train villager to a true KNIGHT ! Order him to protect village. Or follow you to begain a new  adventure! 

[Chinese:] 训练一位村民成为真正的骑士!令他保卫村庄,又或者让他随你驰骋沙场!

Made by  ©qiyunjian Twitter

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  • [English:] Cancled the Hostile System for the stability and better experience. But villager defender will still protect villagers if you attack them.
  • [Chinese:] 出于稳定性和更好的体验取消了仇恨系统。只要你不主动攻击村民,那些留在村庄里的村民守护者骑士是不会攻击你的。
  • [English:] Fixed the bug of dying animation missing.
  • [Chinese:] 修复了死亡动画丢失的bug。


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good addon but price too expensive and it so WEAK
I like this mod...i hope you can make villager guard/soldier with medieval style with epic animation like this mod one day...
This mod will def get more popular when its compatible with the newer version of minecraft
lolzzz of the sussy October 14, 2022 at 7:15 am
Please update this add-on.Its so cool and you should update this to 1.19.31
Please add villager guard and villager bow
Can you make a Villager vs Pillager mod out of this
Can you make a pillager vs villager mod from this.
Or at least Mcaddon?
And also make infantry soldiers?
Can you please make your addon from mediafire?
Please update for 1.18.12
Hello creator can you make them like when any mob attack one of the knights they all attack the mob who attack one of their teammates. Like helping each other 🙂.

Another suggestion

When the archers and footman are added can you make a spawn egg that spawn 2 archers 2 footman and 1 knight at the same time the 1 knight is the leader the other will follow him, like a group and if one of them get hit by a random mob they will help each other you can also add some shield on knights. Just my suggestion thank you☺️.
Can you make it easier to get Knights? Like instead of having to give a netherite sword just craft a lance and some armour and give it to a villager, or make there be a 10% chance of the Knight spawning naturally