Published on October 27, 2021 (Updated on November 18, 2021)

Villager Soldier Version 5 ILLAGER EMPIRE

Villager Soldier has experienced 3 important periods of war between both factions, Villager and Illager in the Minecraft world.  This period will open a new step for both sides. This addon will change the normal survival gameplay of minecraft.  It will be harder and more RPG and tactical.

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will it support 1.19 update please tell me
can you plz add in experimental optional and able to use educaion mod
Can you add an ability to join the pillagers?
Nice. Can you add the spear?
I give this a 5 star I don’t have any problem with this it’s amazing and it makes Minecraft X2 better I have more suggestions to make this perfect add more zombies and new biomes and new structure thanks you deserve 5 stars
can you add a zombie version of the villagers please
I really like this addon, I give it 5 stars, I love it, the creator of this addon, I want to give my humble opinion so that you can add more guards, I would like you to add automatic mortars that are allies, the mortars will attack from far away towards The pillagers, that the mortars shoot up, I would also like them to add monsters allies, that they are on the side of the villagers and the monsters will attack the pillagers, I would also like them to add a mutant villager from our side, I mean that is our ally, I would also like them to add traps, such as a bear trap or an explosion trap, and speaking of the monsters that are our allies and the villagers that also appear in the villages and I would also like them to add pillagers but already reformed, I mean already allies, that It would be from the side of the villagers who can add, now for the pillager side I would like them to add dogs to accompany them in the raids, I would also like them to add There were catapults that will fire from afar, I would also like them to add on the side of the pillagers golems, and I would also like them to add a pillager king
that would be everything from both sides, now follow this

I would like them to add pillagers villages, so that the player and the villagers assault that village, for that a trumpet is needed and if it is played many reinforcements will come out to attack the pillagers village

and that's it, this is the best addon, congratulations
Great concept, but a lot of issues.

1. Structures spawn WAY too often especially in plains and messa biomes.
2. Pillager general is WAY too overpowered because it spawns way too many mobs it crashes the game.
2.1 There's way too much loot in the pillager general base. 54 diamonds, really? That ruins the survival grind a lot.
3. Canon Pillagers are too strong, spawn WAY too often and in way too large groups.
3.1 Canon pillagers should only spawn in 1 or 2 combined with other pillagers.
3.2. Canon pillagers should spawn in multiple biomes not jungle only.
4. Pillager raid is WAY too exaggerated, way to many canon pillagers and way too many of everything. The village can't survive a single raid.

conclussion: Your addon has a lot of potential, but it is extremely unbalanced and it ruins the fun a lot. The amount of structures that spawn make the game feel unbalanced, unnatural and repetitive. Pillager raids are unrealistic in survival so you should test your addon in survival A LOT to exeperience how balanced or unbalanced your addon really is. Goodluck!
add villager and illager equipped with hand cannons and hand cannon weapon
its a great addon and funny beacuse i made lots of battles between pillagers and villagers. just please update it for 1.18 and maybe add musketeers for both factions and make the evoker legendary dont span too many cannon bc ive been encountering lots of them with 6 cannons each one and its impossible to kill them
Amazing addon! The villager guard and villager knight don't have weapon texture. They only have shield.
Sorry I forget to turn the experiment features. Now they are equip with weapon
This addon is awesome!!!!
Can u make that the soldiers u tamed stay instead of sit down when u tell them to. Can u make that a player can tame pillager and if he does he becomes bad and attacked by the villager soldiers that way one can do a 1 v 1 with his friends with each one having a army, otherwiso this addon is the best keep up the work
is there a way to fix the lag? other than that great addon
Likes Minecraft Add-ons November 23, 2021 at 7:31 am
can i recruit villagers or only soldiers (it opens the trading menu instead of upgrading the soldier)