Published on September 03, 2019 (Updated on March 19, 2023)

Villager's Cities Union: The New Horizons [Part 1][Creation]

Hello, guys! This is the first massive update of my creation map, based on the Default Minecraft world - Villagers cities Union, called "The New Horizons". There are 2 whole new countries and rebuild of old territories. Let's take a look!

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Version 1.5 "The New Horizons[part 1]"


*Successfully adapted for 1.19.50 version.

*Some new addons were added(Not Mine!!!)

*New country - Intermarium(3 of 5 towns finished)

*New state-city - Divergement

*New Downtown district was expanded

*Orangewood was partly rebulit and expanded

*Minetown and New port were rebuilt

*Taigatown, Beachtown, Tavrida, Taigatown, Minetown, Beacon square stations were rebuilt

*Cosmetical advances and Bug fixes


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Can you please update the map Leval. once I open it will say "an updated Leval of this map is saved". So can you please fix it?
Its not that possible if u created this world in 1.16 in should be only for 1.16 and if u download dis world/map on 1.14 it will not work IOS users 1.16 pre release is almost here so patients
Guest-2060462878 May 25, 2020 at 7:34 am
Please 1.14.60 !
or DM me Asteri#4615
Can you make an mcpack of this?
Why is this only available for 1.16 beta?
Because it is;) I think it can't be opened in previous versions, because I only opened it in 1.16
So u like train? Either do I! I really love train but I'm kinda love the rail track :D
everytime I try to open the world it kicks me off Minecraft idk if its because of the world itself but it's really annoying
Please have mediafire link
Hey, nice addon. But I cant use it. Please tell me how to play in there. I have also unzipped the file to the MinecraftWorlds folder.
Making an update stopped for a while because of not working railcraft addon
Can you please add .mcworld link?
Wanna know the seed
thanks for translating all the signs to english, i got lost in the russian version