Published on September 03, 2019 (Updated on May 02, 2024)

Villager's Cities Union: Left Behind [Part 1][Creation]

Hello, Everyone! Finally the second big update for the Villagers Cities Union project is Ready! Meet the Left Behind Update! It will bring to the map many new locations and rebuild of some old ones. I'll divide it into 2 or 3 phases to make the adaptation and building process faster! Now let's have a look at the content of the Phase One!

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Version 1.7 "Left Behind[part 1]"


*Successfully adapted for 1.20.80 version.

*One new addon added(Not Mine!!!). Already existing addons were updated to their current version.

*Started the development of Snowy Wastelands Region and the County of Schneeberg(First town - Albert's Cliffs was added)

*All railway bridges, some tunnels and stations were updated to the new standard

*Orangewood rebuilding - Part 2

*New underground location in White Cliff Monastery

*New roads near Orangewood

*Rivertown Fortress was upgraded

*Upgrade of the Old Downtown

*Small changes all over the map


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Egor2000krasikov37 May 04, 2024 at 11:08 am
Я на месте!
Suggestion: Add a road between Orangewood and Wheattown and add a proper road system for areas north of Beachtown.
Hello, thanks for the suggestion) I'm already thinking about this road. Partly it will appear in next update, but not the whole road
Can you please update the map Leval. once I open it will say "an updated Leval of this map is saved". So can you please fix it?
Its not that possible if u created this world in 1.16 in should be only for 1.16 and if u download dis world/map on 1.14 it will not work IOS users 1.16 pre release is almost here so patients
Guest-2060462878 May 25, 2020 at 7:34 am
Please 1.14.60 !
or DM me Asteri#4615
Can you make an mcpack of this?
Why is this only available for 1.16 beta?
Because it is;) I think it can't be opened in previous versions, because I only opened it in 1.16
So u like train? Either do I! I really love train but I'm kinda love the rail track :D
everytime I try to open the world it kicks me off Minecraft idk if its because of the world itself but it's really annoying
Please have mediafire link
Hey, nice addon. But I cant use it. Please tell me how to play in there. I have also unzipped the file to the MinecraftWorlds folder.
Making an update stopped for a while because of not working railcraft addon
Can you please add .mcworld link?
Wanna know the seed