Published on September 20, 2019

Void Template

Just void, and a block of grass, perfect to do experiments with explosions, commands, and a lot more that I can't think right now but you'll find a good use


  • Void.mctemplate

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BTW its not working on 1.17 too old
Respect for not redirecting a simple template map
Can you map a void old map? I cant use the fill command to make it all air so i dont know what to do
It is time to make another gigantic realm. Thank you so much for this map as i just copy it to make giant islands and other things.
Voids are essential for Skyblocks. Can I use the void map for a Skyblock with your credits to your map on my map
Yes, you totally can, but I'm fine if you don't give me credit

also sorry for responding late
Just what I needed, now I can build some floating islands
Perfect!! I’m playing 1 block skyblock with the random loot mod (yes I’m copying Wilbur soot)
Wow, I love him! How were you able to get random loot though?
Wow Just Wow Perfect For What I Want :3