War of Nations Season 3

As I slayed the undead one by one, alongside my brothren , no one noticed this horror amongst the fog of war. It hit us by surprise, its one massive arm was nothing but muscle, able to pick up and throw down soldiers with ease. The undead were pushing us back. But where to go? How would we survive? We are being pushed back, but there is no place for us to be pushed back to. Nothing other then a massive scolding pit of thick, glowing, red liquid. 

           -Lieutenant Johnson during one of the many early conflicts of the Minecraft                     War

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-Changed the image so there aren't those weird lines

-Numerous bug fixes; especially the ones dealing with entity spawning

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You should make an arena map and automate it or something
Whats name of music???
Donde puedo ver lo de las facciones ?? Y puedo batallar con amigos encontra ahi jajajaa