War of Nations Season 2

"Arrows fly in every direction, soldiers fight fist to fist, leaders attempt to heighten morale, the battlefield is an unforgiving place." 
-Lieutenant Johnson seconds before an Undead Airstrike.

The War of Nations addon allows you to have massive battles to fill your violent soul's content--or your normal person's content. You, the player, can command troops the size of your ankles to fight other troops (Also ankle size). You can do all sorts of stuff, you can spawn in a multitude of troops for each side and watch them have at it, or have your friend(s) hop on and control the opposing army. Let your Minecraft zombie genocide dreams come true in the ultimate struggle of endless war!

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Changed cover image slightly, fixed the file issue (sorry guys, I uploaded the wrong file, I feel so stewpid)


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It just installs a warhammer skin pack, anything I did wrong?
Yes, I accidentally uploaded an old skin pack I haven't completed, I've fixed it a while ago. If you read the changelog, it'll tell ya what happened. If you are still getting the wrong file, I'll update it again and just upload a mediafire link to the file instead.
Very cool addon
Holy cow! This has gotta be the most satisfying/best addon I've ever downloaded! Thank you so much...
Wow they are small / this is the addon I'm looking for thanks warcraft studios