Published on April 20, 2020

War Prepper’s Addon

Need to prepare for the apocalypse?

Fear not, as this addon will give you all the necessities needed to survive. From various pieces of military grade equipment to exquisite healing items and brand new foods such as chocolate! Who doesn’t want chocolate in Minecraft?


  • War Prepper’s Addon (Ver 0.1).mcaddon

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Can i use it on my map?, plis answer, i need your permission before upload it
if yes i gonna credit you
Nvm, you didnt reply me, so now i didnt use your addon in my map
Wow!!! Looks Awesome!
Can you please add more items such as in the medieval and modern category?
Such as:
New type of swords with effects for Medieval use
Blood stain texture/items for both Medieval and Modern Use
Working Guns of different categories for Modern Use
& Ect.
Hey man, appreciate the feedback, currently I am collaborating with SpaghettiJet and we are working on a guns addon which will bring about 100+ weapons.
Guest-2437459295 May 11, 2020 at 2:27 am
Oooh that's epic! So there's also gonna be an update to SpaghettiJet's apocalypse addon?
Can’t wait for his Vietnam add on to be released
I really love the whole thing, apart from the fact that the pants still looks like it's normal element and the boots don't load.
I have been looking for something like this for a very long time... Thank you, for finally ending my search.
Link is not working it will not load in to the website can anyone help please and tank you sir
Even add in PS4
Can u pls make like an C.O.D Game on this addon
And pls credit me for the request my acc is Ident Kun YT
Boi he probably ain’t going to take your request. And if he did he probably wouldn’t credit it. Honestly why is it that so many people ask Addon creators to make other addons? Let them do what they want!
Can I Request To Make A COD like game with this addon.
I will still make an acc but i will remember to Give credits.
The ACC name Will Be GXholeCraft
Can u make a discord for this add-on? I've got a couple suggestions for you and just want to talk with some people ? and maybe make some new friends?
Add some mobs please, like zombies or soldiers and tanks and helicopter,...
Soldier Zombies
How to u craft these items?
No crafting recipes currently, sorry.
When S.T.A.L.K.E.R meets Minecraft...
aside from the fact that you didn't say how to make the crafts, the addon is very good. Congratulations
Yo, thanks for the rating!
This addon is WIP and I haven’t made the crafting recipes yet. As of now development on this addon has been halted as I am currently collaborating with SpaghettiJet to create an addon with 100+ guns.
Plis Bro Read My Comment
Good Work <3