Published on November 07, 2023

Waypoints - Enhanced Navigation in Minecraft Bedrock!

Enhance your Minecraft Bedrock adventures with 'Waypoints BP', the essential navigation addon that lets you mark, manage, and teleport to up to 10 unique waypoints. Never lose your precious locations again!

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Added support for minecraft bedrock version 1.20.40.

Added support for minecraft bedrock version 1.20.40.

Fixed several bugs.


Supported Minecraft versions

Actualizen porfavor, la 1.20. 50 se peto el waitpoint
theres a bug with the in-game chat, can you fix that?
Should make this cost XP. Like 1 level to create a way point and 10 levels to tp. Would make it more balanced
Yes, good idea to limit it to only 10 waypoints per player. we will consider your idea for a future update.
Works on bedrock 1.20.41. Easy to use.