Camouflage Skins 2.2 (Upgrade)

Do you want to camouflage yourself in your world to play hide and seek, or hide from your enemies in some modes like skywars or just want to troll your friends, then this is the skin pack for you?

This skin pack is for you if you want to play hide and seek or hide from your opponents in various modes like skywars, or if you just want to troll your friends.

You can also use this set of skins to troll or hide from your friends.

The 11 new camouflage skins in this skin pack include earth, stone, quartz, wood, sand, leaf, red wool, green wool, blue wool, yellow wool, andesite my skin among others.

With all these skins, you will be able to blend in seamlessly with the blocks in your environment.

Please let me know what new camouflage skins you would like and I will gladly add them.

Thanks to this update you will have more than 40 skins in which you can hide.


Creador: FreinerGamer25

Youtobe: FreinerGamer25

Twitter: @Freinercraft

Team FreinerCraft



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11 new camouflage skins were added.
Fixed the bug that when updating the skin pack the game detected it as a duplicate.



Johndanielledacquel July 14, 2021 at 8:56 pm
Please I want this shaders
No Adfly. :)
Username haha im so creative May 28, 2021 at 9:09 pm
Can anybody send a link that works? I tried using the media fire one but it doesn’t work.
Username haha im so creative June 03, 2021 at 8:46 am
Nvm the link works now, i’ve been looking for wool camouflage and this is perfect!
wow so cool I play with my friends hide and seek and i changed my skin the don't even find me lol so cool
I think This Is Great Keep Up the good work FreinerCraft. great Skins
is okay
Love the skins. Won a Hide and Seek game with them :)
Hey skins look great but pls tell me how do I delete the previous skin pack!!!pls help
Delete it directly in the game in resource pack and select it and delete it or you can also delete it in the game files
This is so cool... but how do I download it
Now they see me Now they dont Hehe.