Published on January 29, 2020 (Updated on January 29, 2020)

Weather Machine Add-on

Tired of waiting for the rain to stop?, tired of being struck by a random lightning? or you're just feeling lonely when it rains. Then this add-on is for you! This addon adds a machine called "Weather Machine". And it's craftable! You can use it in Survival Mode!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

I need a tornado addon! :)
Does This Actually Works? I Downloaded A Bunch Of Other Addons
Also it's me Stick Boy but my google is being the big sad
Now that it is gone, it is time to give funny star
This is the worst addon because I cannot craft it in creative and plz fix it and you can spawn like the other mobs and stop saying hahah or else I will delete your addon /:(
How would you delete it stupid? 😏
Fr tho this useful af on survival thank you sooooo much
Don't download it if you don't like it HAHAHAHA simple as that.
HAHAHAHA stop fighting guys. To those whose saying that there is a command, you just don't understand the point why i made this addon HAHAHA. If you don't like it then don't download it. simple as that. BTW I really appreciate the guys who is defending me and this add-on, i hope you guys keep supporting me!
He deleted his comments, heh.
Lol, we did it bois, we completed the mission
Lmao you try to make a mod this good in one hour, me know how it goes. ?
The claim that there is people that play survival with mods without cheats. This mod was intended for that. Also, you were advertising your channel with the quote, "Lazy fux" Your only 2 defenses is the following:
"there’s a basic command for this already in the game"
"I’ve Played Minecraft for 7 YEARS"
I would remake the machine in vanilla and make it work even better, plus I can implement custom crafting tables in vanilla so if you know commands there really is no point to it.
What? Were the salty insult come from? And exactly how did you prove us wrong? All you've been doing is making excuses without actually proving yourself. Even if you did make a map with more than 100 downloads, the dude who made this addon actually has more projects, some actually being useful and not things that you can just use a command for, and another thing, you've been saying this and that about you coding but you've been telling us to check out maps? Unless the maps have custom Behaviors made by you, by all means, brag to us, but if not then what's the point of even mentioning it? You're literally acting like a 5 year old when he's wrong being like " No you're wrong! I'm Right I'm Right!" I've actually been proving multiple points while you literally keep digging yourself in a hole, ohh and a sidenote, You aren't fooling anyone with your alt account :/
People Saying that we have a command, to be honest, your not a true minecraft gamer
Because, Are you gonna use commands on a "Survival" world"?
HAHAHAHA yeah. they just don't understand the point of this addon. HAHAHAHA well if they don't like it then don't download it
Tell me about it lol
That because this addon was intended to be used in Survival. Not creative or using cheats.