Published on December 03, 2021 (Updated on December 05, 2021)

What Lurks Below Adventure map v 1.17

What Lurks Below by MegaRAW50 & SNakeee is a dungeon crawler adventure map which focus mainly on solving puzzle and epic boss fights."Fight the corruption lies within the Forgotten caven, solve the secrets of the Secret Library, challenge the Elegance Beast of Corruption, and finally, find out and cleance the main source of corruption that lies deep within the dungeon. Though I must warn you brave adventurers, it will not be an easy task."

This map is a progressive dungeon boss rush adventure where you can fight unique bosses and challenge your combat skills.

"Forgotten Cavens Boss Fight"

"Dual with the nameless Knight"

"The Secret Library"

"Giants' grave yard"

"Mysterious Bon-fire ?"

"Blood Arena Boss Fight"

"Uh Steve ?"

"Garden of Corruption"

"At the heart of Corruption, it awaits"

Map Details

Objective: Cleance the source of corruption and reach the end of the dungeon. 

No of Boss Fights: 5 Bosses

No of Players: 1 to 2 players (for best experience) 

Map type: Dungeon crawler adventure map with puzzles and boss fights. 

Date of release: 2/12/2021 

Creators: MegaRAW50 & SNakeee

Addons mods and shaders used in this map are owned by the respective owner as listed below.


1) PocketMythology Boss Addon by SystemTvyArcanus

2) New Mutant Creatures by JuJuStyle7

3) Bedrock Plus by Tal Thompson

4) Statues addon by NetherNinja

5) Steve addon by CommandorCreeper

4) Zebra Shaders v 1.8.3 by Hydrazero

Thanks to all those amazing mods creators out there since they all have inspired me and my brother to create this awesome map.


* I do not own these mods and neither I will use any of them for my own profit. The map is created purely as creative challenge and made solely for fun. *


Ok with all those said and done. Arm your swords and prepare your shield, a great adventure awaits you x)

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Log #1 updated download link. Changed it to media fire.


# After you have downloaded the zip file, extract it and move the "PROJECT MEGA" map to the according destination.

(games --> com.mojang --> minecraftWorlds) and place the map in that folder. You can then launch and enjoy the map ^-^


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4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
A good map, although a bit short, if you plan to update in the future I suggest extending the adventure more.
We did this one during school break and we kinda try to go for 1 shot-fast-pace dungeon. It may feel a bit rushed towards the end, sorry about that. But it was fun building this so yah maybe next maps will be a longer adventure with more bosses.
O mapa e bem daora poderia fazer um mapa do minecraft dungeons
Thanks I did took inspiration from them. I mean Dungeons are cool xD
it shows file is deleted huh?
That is weird it was working before. I will update it right away. Thanks for feed back mate.
YOU STOLE >:C jk nice map 👍👍👍👍👍
Thank you ^^ Let me know if there is any bugs or error. I'll update the fix whenever I can.