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Published on March 17, 2021 (Updated on March 17, 2021)

When Pigs Fly

This pack gives phantoms a custom texture and model which makes them look hilarious and cute, but at the same time they are still phantoms which want to eat you, so there just as scary 

This will retexture phantoms and give them a custom model so that they turn from being deadly beasts of the night into a flying pig or some may call it pigasus (still deadly but at least looks less scary XD)

They will also use some of the pigs sound files, so they will occasionally oink while flying around, and still use the flapping sound when it flaps its wings. and they will also have an custom wing animation and there little legs will move while its flying 

Here is the model of the flying pig:

and this is how it may look while being attacked by an army of flying pigs 

and then they will look like when  you fly with these fine beasts

and then here are some nice screenshots of the flying pigs  in there natural habitat (also using fishys wonderful shader)

Select version for changelog:


added some pictures of the flying pigs in there natural habitat 


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