Published on August 16, 2020 (Updated on August 26, 2020)

Parkour Map "White Parkour Rooms"

On this map you can play alone, or with friends. You can have fun together and compete in skill and agility on non-standard parkour levels. Good luck, and have fun!

On this map you can see many non-standard levels. Here you will improve your skills and knowledge. This map includes parkour, race and some kind of puzzle. You can enjoy the map together with your friends. This map is made by ToPs. All happiness, have fun!

There are some screens:

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1. Fixed more bugs.

2. Fixed bugs of the secret


1. Install the file.

2. Open the file

3. Have fun!


  • White-parkour-rooms-v1.0.4_1598374146.mcworld

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This map i little fun but the annoying thing is when you respawn you just fall ._. sometimes it works but i just kept falling and falling....
when i die on first level i keep falling when i respawn
It's Good, But some of the levels are way to hard. And, every time you get a checkpoint, the text on-screen lasts a eternity