Wildfire mod

So the wildfire is a mob that was outvoted to the phantom .

The wildfire was promised to be added if it didn’t make it into the dungeons game but it did. And I know that jeb said they would nether be added (sorry about the pun) anyway I still hope that the barnacle will be added. I prob would have voted for it. But anyway, jeb said that the mobs would be added later so maybe he changed his mind or he means every mob vote mob after that. (Not including the secret ones. yes,ones. Oh wait one of them was in 2016) ok. So you know when one happened but there was also a MOB vote as well in 2018. Anyway here’s the add on. 

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Added more to the description and revealed upcoming Addons coming soon


  • wildfire_concept_addon.mcaddon (208.75 KB)

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