Published on December 20, 2020 (Updated on February 08, 2021)

Windcaller Add-On

Once again I am bringing another Illager-type mob from Minecraft Dungeons into the game. This time being the Windcaller. The Windcaller was first introduced in a teaser for the Howling Peaks DLC in the MC Dungeons game and became available over the past week. My theory is that Minecraft is trying to establish elemental Illagers into the game first being the Geomancer (an illager that controls rocks from the ground) and now the Windcaller which if you haven't guessed yet, controls the wind. Both of these illagers have dark purple eyes unlike the others in their kind. Hopefully, we get to see a fire type and a water type in the game's upcoming DLCs the Nether DLC and the Ocean DLC.

The Windcaller


The Windcaller has two attacks just like the original. He creates a little tornado under your feet and lifts you up into the air. In his other attack, he will spin his staff around and summon a gust of wind that can damage multiple mobs.


The Windcaller - 30

Natural Spawning

The Windcaller will spawn in extreme hills biomes since in the MC Dungeons game that's where he is featured.


The Updraft Tome, "An ancient book filled with illegible glyphs, you feel a strange breeze as you flip the pages." - in-game description. It's a book that also allows you to harness the wind. Specifically, lift mobs into the air really high. You can get these by killing Windcallers.

 - (How it looks in MC Dungeons, not in the addon)

A Windcaller using his attacks against a villager

Make sure you have these settings on when creating your world.

Please do not steal and publish this addon :)

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  • Windcaller now spins staff in lift attack
  • Removed walk animation


  • Windcaller no longer walks when in attack mode
  • Windcaller now knocks back mobs in blast attack
  • Windcaller only switches to blast attack if the target is in close range
  • Blast attack projectile has been removed


  • Cloud particle color has been changed
  • Added movement particle
  • Removed Flying2 particle


  1. Download Add-on
  2. Activate it when creating a world (Behavior packs tab)
  3. Make to be in 1.16.100 and Creation of Custom Biomes as well as Holiday Creator Features.
  4. Create the world


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You are really great Skretboi! Just keep doing what you are doing because we are proud of you!
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Please, fix mod downloads. Minecraft can't import it for some reason.
It dosnt working it says invalid zip archibe
I can't download this mod, what should I do? (
I want to download this mod but it won't download, what should I do? (
can i have the zip file for this
Ranged attacks now only have animation, but do not lift the target.
Nice Keep it up bro and thanks
Oh boi I guess I better grab my featherfall before goin to the mountains
If you see this, could I have get permission to use your wind caller, Illusioner and frost expansions in a Minecraft dungeons map. Credits would be provided to you
Fking good animation dude, great job!
Idea: Make it so that the Updraft Tome takes durability damage instead of just vanishing away after a use, this way the Updraft Tome can be used multiple times and it will be an item worth getting.
One of the water illager variants is called Iceologer, ice is water in it's solid state (soo we want a liquid water illager not an iceologer but thats for now)
And hopefully fire illager will be able to bend lava too!! (i will start leaving my nether base xd)