Published on November 27, 2020 (Updated on March 10, 2021)

Illusioner Add-On | Java Illusioner Update

The Illusioner is a mob first introduced in a 1.12 snapshot on the java edition of Minecraft but was never completed. He was later re-added and retextured in the new Minecraft Dungeons DLC: Creeping Winter. So now, this add-on finally brings him officially into the game. The mob is an illager type and spawns in little campsites in the ice plains biome kind of like how it does in Minecraft dungeons. It will attack you as well as villagers and iron golems by creating cloned versions of itself. Not only that but he has a lot more health than the average pillager making him a mini boss like the elder guardian.

The Illusioner


When you first encounter the Illusioner he first starts by turning himself invisible and reappearing with multiple versions of himself. The Illusioner and the illusioner clones all wield a bow. The clones shoot regular arrows while the original Illusioner shoots fireworks arrows.


Illusioner - 188

Illusioner Clone - 1

Natural Spawning

The Illusioner will spawn in campsites that can only be found in the ice plains biome and taiga biomes (Mainly to reduce frequent spawning) From there you will see a tent, a campfire, and a cauldron with a potion of invisibility inside enough for 3 bottles!


Illusioner will drop his crossbow, the "Illusioner Crossbow" with multishot and quick-charge 3 on it. I thought when finding the perfect drop for him that this would suit well since it does seem like the arrow is creating clones of itself. The Illusioner also drops up to 4 "Potions of Illusion" and when drunken will inflict the player with invisibility and teleport them away. Fireworks and up to 6 emeralds are included. I wanted to make it seem worthwhile since he is so rare and has lots of health.

The Illusionist

This is the original Illsuioner coded with nearly the same mechanics as it does on the Java version of Minecraft. I tried my hardest to make it as accurate as I could, but not everything will be perfect. I had to give it spider properties so it doesn't disappear when invisible.


According to the Java version, the Illusionist's abilities are activated by invisibility so when the illusionist spots his target he cast an invisibility spell on himself emitting a blue mob effect and then switches to a ranged attack. If you are on hard difficulty the Illusionist will emit a black mob effect and blind the player. After casting its spell if the illusionist is hurt he will mirror himself will still continuing to shoot.


Illusionist - 32

Natural Spawning

Does not spawn naturally but can be spawn through a spawn egg or commands.

The Illusioner attacking an iron golem with his clones.

Make sure you have these settings on when creating your world. 

Please do not steal and publish this add-on, thank you :)

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  • Vanish particle has a slight texture change
  • Recolored Illusioner Arrow explosion 


  • Added the Illusionist
  • Removed Kill Clone entity
  • Illusioner/Illusioner Clone animation improvements
  • Illusioner Clone is now named Illusioner but still identified as Illusioner Clone
  • Illusioner attack rotation has been simplified
  • Illusioner switches to range mode when in water
  • Retextured and renamed Fireworks Arrow to Illusioner Arrow
  • Illusioner Arrow no longer has gravity
  • Illusioner Clones will now attack mobs that attack the real Illusioner


  • Potion of Illusion now depletes after use
  • Potion of Illusion no longer spawn particles


  • Illusion Campsite spawns less frequently


  1. Download Add-on
  2. Activate it when creating a world (Behavior packs tab)
  3. Make to be in 1.16 and Creation of Custom Biomes as well as Holiday Creator Features.
  4. Create the world

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4.94 / 5 (16 votes)
This addon has not been updated for quite some time now,

So if it dose get more updates as expected perhaps the Illusioner and illusionist would be programmed to appear in the raids if possible.
sekretboi, can you create an addon that adds the royal guard illager from minecraft dungeons. I would like that if you create that. 👍
Mountaineer is bugged it’s pick axe insanely big
The Ilusionist Flips over when it dies can you fix that maybe?
Could you please make it spawn in raids too?
Raid properties are hardcoded and can't be altered, I have tried.
Then could you make it spawn in Mansions and Outposts then?
Can you add the illusioner with Blue Eyes? Because That was the very first Illusioner before 1.14
Can you make them cast blindness? Its the only thing missing in the illusionist
Wait huh? It does cast blindness, but the illusionist only cast blindness in hard mode.
No what im pointing is that they cast blindness on all difficulties so it matches Java Edition
In java, the illusioner only cast blindness in hard mode that's why I did it.
Hey i have something that would improve the addon just make them have the witch behavior when drinking a potion to go invis and skeleton model when shooting and boom its an illusioner now
Can you make a blue illusioner 1.12 addon, please?
I saw on your twitter that you were making a Java Illusioner for Bedrock. Will that be added to this addon or its own?
Does he apply the blindness effect?
Yes but the illusionist only cast blindness in hard mode
Good addon, one question tho why does the potion not disappear after being drunk? Also do the camps spawn or generate?
Funny Thing, I Had An Idea For My Own Illusioner. Thinking I Was The First Person To Make A Bedrock Illusioner, But I See This And Am Like "Dang It!" But This Is Cool Anyway!
If you go to his own twitter you can see he even maked the java illusioner