Published on December 16, 2020 (Updated on September 26, 2021)

The Frosted Expansion Pack | The Lost Settlement Update v1.2

The Frosted Expansion Pack brings in various mobs from the Minecraft Dungeons DLC: Creeping Winter. The colder biomes of Minecraft have become an even more chilling place to be. The Creeping Winter is probably one of my favorite DLCs (I like that you get a little fox pet too, I named him Glacier) and I would love the see a winter biome update because the base one seems pretty boring.

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Huge Revamp to the addon

Main Changes


  • Added the Wretched Wraith
  • Removed the Glacier
  • Added the Wraith
  • Removed Frozen Slime
  • Illusioner no longer has a boss bar
  • Illusioner no longer spawns as a stage three boss for the ice lamp
  • Renamed Ice Chunks to Falling Ice Blocks
  • Falling Ice Blocks no longer teleport for movement
  • Mob Behavior Changes


  • Added Frozen Pillars
  • Removed Ice Chunks
  • Removed Frozen Slime Cage
  • Added Destroyed Igloos
  • Added the Lone Fortress
  • Added Settlement House
  • Ash Trees now spawn
  • Illusioner Campsite uses ash planks instead of spruce 
  • Illusioner Campsite only spawns in Ice Plains now


  • Added the Alpine Glaciers
  • Removed Highland Tiaga
  • Cold Fog color has been changed


  • Readded the Frost Scythe
  • Removed the Frost Slayer
  • Frost Gear does not continue to slow mobs after being removed


  • Added Ash Logs, Wood, Planks, Slabs, and Stairs
  • Added Compacted Snow, Slabs, and Stairs
  • Added Glacial Ice Blocks



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I found a bug of duplication with the weapon Frost Scythe; when player die with weapon in the hand; when player at go for loot there are two Frost Scythe
lolzzz of the sussy June 25, 2022 at 4:27 am
For some reason the illusioner campsite doesn't have the illusioner
lolzzz of the sussy June 23, 2022 at 10:24 am
Please update this add-on and the other addons to 1.19
Please update this along with all the other expansions
Helloo, This Addon is Really Awesome! I Like How It's Mobs Was Originated On Minecraft Dungeons! i Love Minecraft dungeons But I Just Don't Have pc to Play It :( Btw I Have some Ideas That Maybe Could Help
Firstly, About The Wretched Wraiths, Since They We're Bit Easy To Deal With (With The Help Of Op Armor And Tools) Maybe Instead Of Dropping The Scythe Everytime You Kill It Maybe It Drops "Frosten Shards Instead?" Then Use It To Craft The Scythe And The Armor
Another Idea Is What About Adding A New boss? I
So Based On My Personal Idea Its Called "Frosten Monstrosity" Its Similar To Redstone Monstrosity However It Thows Huge Ice Blocks And When It Screams It Calls Out A Rain Of Ice (Similar To The Ice Scythe) It Drops "Heart Of Snow" Which Is Also A Recipe To Craft Frozen Scythe And Frozen Armors (I Completely forgot What It was Called)
Also A New Set Of Tools With Special Abilities Similar To The Scythe Example:
Frozen Axes Can Freeze Its Enemies That Surrounds It For Seconds Then Has Cooldown
Frozen Pickaxe Can Mine Down Blocks More Faster
Maybe That's all For Now? I'm Run Out Of ideas :)
btw Keep Safe And I Hope This Addon Become Popular
you should do the other dimensions like the nether extension and the echoing void
you make great mods keep it up!😍
Athaya Azka Syazani March 20, 2022 at 3:42 am
Is this addon still support 1.18.10?
This is so cool! I like it! Can you do this for 1.18.2?
I love this addon, but a few things are wrong. The illusioner doesn't spawn in campsite, the Iceologer doesn't spawn in the ice mountains. Some of the blocks like the diamond chest don't have a texture and are just dirt blocks with the word update written on it. And I have searched for the Alpine glacier biome but can't find it, and yes I have the right experiments turned on. Is there a way that I can just summon the structures? Like is there a command I can use to summon the settlement house? If you could please fix this that would be great, and could you tell me the easiest way to find the Alpine glacier biome?
Is "Custom Biomes" On?
Can you add enchanted mobs and Ancient Geomancer?
Hello, the addon is cool. But pls NERF wraith. Make it attack fire particle that can burning me, bot fire block. I tired to make my house, then it come into my house and burn my house, after that it teleport like toxic player. Nerf it pls 🥲
"bot fire block" no, i mean "not fire block"
To be honest, it would be much more balanced if new armor had ANY durability.
you always have excellent addons coming out, but please pay attention to the details. Why is any new block mined by hand and why does the new armor have infinite durability?
in Minecraft dungeons all the armor has infinite durability
A league of their own with attention to detail and functionality