Published on May 23, 2020 (Updated on May 23, 2020)

Winter HD (1.14+)

This is a shaders which adds winter season with high definition of everything. Suitable for your map, and it is working smoothly in every low spec device. The size is just 2 MB. Interested? Feel free to try it out!

This shaders will make your Minecraft become a winter season and it looks so real with high definition of shadow, water, light, etc. without lag in low device!



Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Android 4.4

Memory: 512MB RAM

Hard Drive: 10 MB available space

Minecraft PE: 1.14+

Select version for changelog:



  1. Change featured image
  2. Bugs at render fog has been fixed
  3. Reduce light from lantern & torch

Supported Minecraft versions


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🌌🌝Star🌙⭐ March 10, 2021 at 4:26 pm
Beautiful work of art. :D
This texture packs creates a folder named xal within Minecraft folder. This xal contains a lot of ominous files and a file that have a".deviceidentity" extension. I deleted the texture pack and the folder but it keeps showing up.
Sorry! This is totally wrong. The texture pack does nothing. The Xal folder is a minecraft game folder that users are not meant to open.
So how did you download this file and what else is inside?
Can you make it we’re other overworld stuff is covered in snow? Like slabs,Woodblocks, Fences, and other stuff?
This shader is amazing! Can I use this in a shader pack I am making? I will give credit to you!
It's may i have to use this for christmas
LOL Mr fishy learn how 2 color lightning from him. Your shaders are toooooo RED. reduce red color. increase blue and green.
Shadows are so good! nice job. but we want hlsl ones
it is good,but you maybe remove the shaking of vegetables,because it makes others block shake!And I think you copy theEB SHADER!
Guest-9897963480 May 24, 2020 at 9:26 pm
what vegetables
should be "plants" not vegetables, as far as i know vegetables in minecraft is carrot and potato but there are no shaking like your said, if you means leaves and sugar canes, that is a plants and not vegetables cuz they're eatless
Guest-8288507145 May 23, 2020 at 3:44 pm
Could you make a winter mod please
Well I think am the first one to try it.Hope it's like the video.
Interesting, but are you going to make a version for Windows 10 (PC Bedrock) and Xbox?