Published on December 30, 2020 (Updated on July 29, 2021)

Wolf Armor And Storage 1.17 UPDATE

Is your wolf too weak?

Do you wanna know how much health your wolf has left?

This is an addon that adds a complete set of armor for your wolf, health and protection indicators. Discover the new things in this update.



This add-on is a recreation of the Java mod "Wolf armor and storage ( ", and due to the inactivity of the owner of the mod, there is a license that allows the use, redistribution,etc of the contents of that mod, so I am free to use the name and textures of the mod to create a bedrock port.

Original creator: Saty (Isabel) (

Licence:  Licence (see download links)

You can view the license on your own by downloading the mod.


You need "Experimental game (Holiday)"

Before you start with the concepts of this add-on, you have to know that your Wolf must be previously tamed, and can't to be a baby.

            Main Video (See first)


Health indicator:

ONLY if you look at the wolf.This indicator shows the health of your Wolf, now its more dynamic, since the hearts change color when your Wolf is poisoned or under the effect of wither.

Protection Indicator

It shows the ARMOR SLOT protection of the wolf, it means if you put any vanilla armor or Wolf armor, this indicator will show its protection.



Wolf Armors

Armors can be crafted or found in ruins, and some of this armors can be enchanted





-Leather wolf armor

It provides the same Protection as all leather gear, Now this armor protect your wolf from freezing and you can craft different colors of them

to undye it


Gold wolf armor

It provides the same Protection as all gold gear


Chainmail wolf armor

It provides the same Protection as all chainmail gear



Iron wolf armor

It provides the same Protection as all iron gear


Copper Wolf Armor

It provides 14 of protection when it's o

This armor rusts every 30 minutes, and it's protection decrease in every stage, 12 of protection in Exposed stage, 11 of protection in Weathered stage, 10 of protection in oxidized stage.

You can reverse these stages using an ax or when your wolf is struck by lightning.


Diamond wolf armor

It provides the same Protection as all diamond gear



Netherite wolf armor

It provides the same Protection as all gold gear and4 knockback resistance. This armor is fireproof.





You can store items in your Wolf as long as u have an equipped chest, u have 14 slots available.


The armors are find in the seccion of Equipment on the item group "Horse armors"


  ---------Armor Stand---

Armor stands can equip wolf armors, changing out their model for a wolf appearance, and even copper armor rusts while on the armor stand.


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Select version for changelog:


-Added Copper Wolf Armor (Oxidation Stages and Oxidation Revert Way)

-Added new function for Leather Wolf Armors (Freezing Prevent)

-Copper Wolf Armors and Leather Wolf Armors can't be enchanted

-Added variations of leather Wolf armors (Dyes)

-Updated Health and Protection Indicators

-Now Armor Stands can equip wolf armors

-Leather Wolf Armor and Copper Wolf Armors can't be enchanted


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3.Wait 15 Seconds.

Finally, press "Continue"


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4.61 / 5 (44 votes)
Only the armour comes up in the inventory but i cant see the health or put it on
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The package needs to be updated to work correctly from version 1.17.30 since the animations of sitting on the dogs do not work and also that the armor seems invisible and if I want to have a new dog with armor I cannot
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Can u delete the colored varients of the dogs colored leather armor in the creative inventory I think it annoys me but I like the feature that you can dye
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Could you make a slider to turn off the dog hearts, they could get annoying really quick
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Hello friend, I love your addon, but now I had a problem, the wolves that I had when I appeared, they all came out without armor and raised without the possibility of sitting them but if the wolves are sitting, when I right click they begin to follow me then they did not leave for the version that has just been updated, which is 1.17.30
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Bug report: A lot of the times the wolves are bugged when you load into the world. Reloading usually fixes it. I think might have to do with them not being in a nearby chunk when you first join the game. Every wolf permanently stands up and is unable to be interacted with. They aren't wearing their armor or chests. After quitting and rejoining they get their stuff back. I'm playing on Realms, so it might be a Realms exclusive issue.
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Nevermind, it happens even when you're right next to the wolves on load. I don't know what could cause it
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The old health indicator was a lot better. The new one leaves streaks when you move.
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This add on is amazing I recommend this for anyone who wants to tame dogs and the dogs not to die in a explosion
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Feedback: There seems to be a lag issue this mod causes on mobile. I don’t know what’s triggering the lag, but I suspect it might have to do with either the health/armor text or going in/out, and or putting things in/out of the wolf’s inventory. The mod works completely, I just don’t use it anymore because the lag is annoying enough unfortunately.
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the dog armor stand doesnt seem to work for me, it doesnt turn into a dog but it does hold the armor
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I love this addon, I just wanted to know if u could do horse armor too if u can’t or u don’t want to that’s fine.. I just wanted to know
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The wolf armor stands is amazing i can finally give my armor stand some dogs
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A netherite armor merged with a nether star to be immune to explosions
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Works for xbox amazing.
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