Published on March 16, 2023

Wolverine Claws Addon (super run, jump & regeneration) | Compatible with other Addons

The Wolverine, is a fictional character in Marvel University. Wolverine has a long claws from his bone which is his main weapon on combats. Wolverine's special abilities include super strength, immediately regenerating health and his super sharp steel claws.

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Its not working for me what do I do it does not show up next to the nether sword but it says the mod is perfectly fine
have you tried enable experimental gameplay?
Hi!! I think this is one of the most wonderful addon ideas! So first of all, congrats! I think the claws are a VERY op item, so the crafting should be very hard. maybe you first craft a "glove" with 3 leather and 3 iron ingots and then, that crafted glove is surrounded with 8 Netherite INGOTS. WHy so hard? cause the claws a re a game-changing element. Please consider make them difficult to craft :D make them enchantable with mending too!
Wow, that's a fascinating idea! Thank you for the very detail description. You are invited to my discord server, join there and ping me @keyyard.
7 iron ingots surrounding one netherite scrap?
will consider that! you are invited to join my discord server ;)