Published on February 26, 2021 (Updated on February 26, 2021)

Wooden Furniture Add-on

This will add Wooden Furniture To Your Worlds!

Everything in the pack is usable, and for any problems, please comments about the problem.

This adds 31 New Furniture Blocks To Your Would

Here Is The List Of The Blocks And Their Crafting Recipe!

-Furniture Crafting Table

Use This To Make Of The pieces of Furniture!

Make This In A Normal Crafting Table


Use Any Type Of Wood To Make The Drawer!

Has The same inventory size as a chest!

-Bedside Drawer

Has The same inventory size as a hopper!

-Small Table

Not Super Useful, but it's a nice decoration block!


You can sit on this and it can be placed in any direction!

-Banquet Chair

Does The Same As The Normal Chair But Looks Different!


Here is a simple way you can put the furniture in your room.

Any Problems please comment on them, to help improve the pack.


There are no rights here. 

You can use my code just don't copy my pack word for word

Also if you for want every reason put this in a modpack-Thanks

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

not working :/
Beautiful mod, but can u add the wooden of the nether update, i need the warped version for my survival😚
Can I use your furnitures for my minecrafft map? I'll credit. If you reply too slow I'll just credit you then.
Excellent furniture! (:
Recipes isn't working so it's useless for survival. /give works though.
DreamfanVinceLouis May 13, 2021 at 11:14 am
Did you on experimental gameplay
And do not apply addons only this?
O addon maneiro
Hi I'm attempting to build a coding team I can model and texture but can't code I was wondering if you were interested
What wood is used to create the crafting table? Could not get it made on Xbox One.
Any log/planks but try oak logs/planks
Great but can you make the chair a bit smaller? it's not a full block but feels cluttered if in spaces that are a bit too small
Really nice for suvival because it is just wood and nit modern stuff so i can add it to my survival house really cool i hope you make more furniture for survival
And i cannot make the chair idk why exp is on all of them but i cannot craft them and add it to the recipes so i can see how i can build them
You might have put the recipe in wrong.
Nah did it just as the picture
I wanna make a modpack for a series im gonna do soon this is the first one ill put
I really like vanilla feeling addons. This is no different. Great job.
Does it work for Xbox and will you update this or make more addons?
EightBoxGamer Among Us February 25, 2021 at 10:33 pm
Lets Start
Also If I some problems I reply
EightBoxGamer Among Us February 25, 2021 at 10:45 pm
Crafting Recipe on Book Pls Because I Cannot Memorize It :)
I will add one thanks for the feedback