Published on January 21, 2020 (Updated on March 09, 2020)

Working Functional Laptop [Redstone]

This map is still in test.

I will update when this map is complete. This map has been created for a year and I am working very hard to get it done. I hope players will give me full support in making this project a success.

You can give me feedback or suggestions on my Gmail or Youtube .

system from Laptop

Tutorial/showcase video : 

Select version for changelog:


•Fix TouchPad

•working calculator (4 bit) .just add and

subtract work.

•Working 7 song

•Working game tictactoe 

•working passworld


If you’ve downloaded a .MCWorld file then open  ES File Explorer (make sure you’ve got the latest version) and then go to your Downloads folder. Find the .mcworld file and tap on it to import it to your game. The world should automatically launch in-game.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Can You Please Fix It And Also I Don't Know How To Use TouchPad
Pocket edishon Please and Bedrock
It says 'Permission Denied" pls fix
It Loads But The Keys Work Slowwwwly
this map is for minecraft pe / be. what do you mean??
Respect!!!!that's so much redstone very hard work
i try to download and it opens minecraft but it says "import failed to load" can you fix? when you do i will try again
When you download the world, it will be saved to your files. Move it to folder “Minecraftpe” then compress and uncompress it. Tap the final world (it has the number 2) then it will be successful ???. Hope this helped!
Now it crashes every time it's to big pls make a smaller one ok
I am very sorry that this laptop is so slow as it is still in the project and not ready yet. It will take a few more months to complete, I hope you can play the laptop patiently and enjoy.?
Out your under my comment omg
Its not out its omg omg
Well I'm gonna have a great time in this map hole I like it but my normal name is Charlie :(
tq for playing my map..i hope u like charlie
LOL. It's so big, it crashes every time load it
clear u ram first?
Can you make the link not media fire? I can’t go on it
Very good but fix that i not be teleported in the Room pls
Respect, to build an computer is very very very difficult!
Eh.. Accidentally did that rating.
Where can i find the laptop