Published on August 02, 2018 (Updated on August 09, 2020)

Working Mancala [Redstone]

The map is based on a board game called "Mancala" and it was built just with redstone components (meaning, no command blocks).

It’s a really smart game and nonetheless enjoyable if you’ve got a few minutes with a friend to kill!

Download, share and enjoy!

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  • Updated the forum.
  • Updated the link - direct to all of my published maps.
  • Support Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.


Supported Minecraft versions

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what redstone texture pack did you use
why I need the beta to play this?
well, as a redstoner like mumbo, i watch his videos on youtube. if you want help, just dodnload omlet arcade and find me there. if your using minecraft bedrock edition in mobile (1.13 beta versions or higher) my user name in omlet arcade is mybruddah999. if you want help in builds or maps, pls watch grian's videos on youtube, he's a friend of mumbo.
Broke. The droppers have nothing in them. Needs to be fixed
Indonesian called it "congklak".
As a redstone creator your circuts are incomplete. Your droppers are also empty.
As a redstone expert, your droppers need to be changed to dispensers that are filled, and a couple of redstone circus are incomplete. You should fix this in V2.
the droppers and dispencers have nothing in them
Hey, I have this game at home! Why did we need it if we could instead use this?
What about those who don't have it