Published on May 09, 2022

Working RC Tank (Command Block)

Hi Iam NeedyLlama01. I present you my another cool command creation, that is,"Working RC Tank". Yeah cool right? And it's Completely Vanilla it requires no behaviour or resource pack.It's Fires TOO, and it's fun to play with it.It's controls are moderate, not too hard. That's it in the introduction. Please continue to read the description to know how all thing works.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Its very cool! And as a person who works a lot with commands, its pretty impressive
But a little question
How did you make the hotbar detector? :)
I used command
replaceitem entity @a slot.hotbar *1-8* keep air on a repeating command block and attached a comparator to it.
Another command: replaceitem entity @p slot.weapon.mainhand 0 keep redstone_torch 1 0 {"minecraft:item_lock":{ "mode": "lock_in_slot" }}
It locks a redstone torch in your hand of selected hotbar. And the comparator deactivates

Or you can mess around with the box of commands