Published on March 15, 2020 (Updated on May 04, 2020)

Working Bedrock Tardis With Custom Destinations

Ahh, a tardis in minecraft! A good one in fact, to begin enter the tardis and grab a flight manual from the orange shulker box, if confused go to my channel (8-Bit Modern) I have a tutorial there for flight instructions. Fo your information the lights in 11ths room might not work, 11ths console room is really buggy so be warned when using his room. I've worked really hard on this map, basically a solo project, I have had help from a few people though. Also a warning a couple people came on one day and put graffiti around the world so if you see something weird tell where you found it. Enjoy.

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Improved and added functionality to other console rooms, 10th/9th's console room, 8th doctors consol room. Fixed a water log area where water would destroy redstone. Fine tuned remote Summon a bit more, barely unnoticeable. Started to work on fictional city called dema (non doctor who related) 


Unzip the file, enter the unzipped folder, there should be another folder, copy or move this folder to your worlds. 

If you pick the mcworld file then open it, and choose minecraft

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Need new mc file link
And ther is a zip on his YouTube channel
Need new mc file link
bobtheminecraftbuilder March 04, 2021 at 4:39 am
download link broken :(
Is it on Xbox?
Yes its on xbox, but to use the map you have to have "my file explorer" or a special explorer that let's you see packages, if you search up how to add maps and mods to xbox you'll find a video that'll show you apps you could use!
After looking and using every TARDIS on this website, I have come to many conclusions on each and every one of them. With yours, the best quality of it is the functionality. All the controls to navigate and set destinations are on the console, like it should be. But, of course, no one can make an absolute perfect TARDIS on Bedrock. One thing you should improve on with your TARDIS is the exterior. It's very clunky and you made all sides entrances. With the console, just test out making it kinda bigger(5x5 instead of 3x3) so you can fit all of the controls. Anyways, 5/5, nice to use.
Guest-5270805130 May 06, 2020 at 1:34 am
Hello this is 8bitmodern! Mcpedl for some reason dosen't recognize me when I comment, but I do say thank you for the feedback. I have been thinking about making the console control panel larger! I also plan on adding the ability to have more than one Summon key for different console rooms but have put it off.
Lights in 12th don’t work
Why does it not let me out after flight?
The tardis works a few times then stopped working and won’t let me out, also when I leave the tardis, it teleports me but doesn’t show tardis. Can you make a more clear video which shows how to fly it properly please
Amazjng !! But after a few flights it doesn’t work and won’t let me out of the tardis, even though it’s unlocked. Also don’t understand the quick flight
I love this tardis! one thing I'd do is make an "un-ticking machine" to remove specific ticking areas. it's something i'll probably make myself. Also Iike how you make it materialize and dematerialize, it's so cool! I also summoned the tardis within the tardis, which was pretty funny! overall you did an amazing job so far, I can't wait to see what you'll do in the future! if only I could have used the tardis to fly through time...
Having trouble with Minecraft 1.15.2. the game does not recognize the files as a map of playable world. I was super excited to explore the pictures look amazing. Any help would be appreciated.
I followed the steps above with the .zip folder.
I have to say, this is the most ambitious TARDIS ever done in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It could still do better, but this is the closest I've ever seen someone create a proper TARDIS. You just need to learn some other things about how to make command blocks not stick out and such, and you will have perfected it.
It is 8bit, my Account for some reason won't register when I comment. I say it is really hard to set something up so ambitious like this and make it into proof. Some of the commands require input since I cant make everything wirless. Ty for you rating
Amazing tardis, this is the best functioning (and looking!) version i've seen! one issue though is that the h20 detector doesn't always work. sometimes it doesn't detect the water and i'll end up materializing in the water. (for now just avoid corrdinates in the x/z1000s-1100s.) Also the quickflight and vortex functions are a bit confusing, more clarification could be used. my first attempt ended up with me landing on another tardis! other than that, it works really well for land. Its really fun to explore the world and the tardis itself. Keep up the good work!
I've been working hard every day to make the commands and clarification better. I just did a bunch of recoding today. I'll probably post a new update for it today but wont be up till tomorrow
Amazing but could you make it able for it to come to you by command
I just finished making it, gonna upload the update eventually