WorldEdit for Bedrock Edition

This is a Bedrock port of the popular WorldEdit Minecraft mod. This lets you quickly fill out areas with blocks without having to place them all or remember your coordinates to use /fill.

This addon works similiarly to the original Java version.

How to use:

First, get a Fire charge. You can pull it straight from your creative inventory or type out “/function worldedit/wand” to have it put in your hand.

Now, you have to select two points where you want to fill all the blocks in between. To do this, right-click with your fire charge on the two blocks. If you mess up, just do it again. It is always the last two positions you selected that count.

Now it’s time to fill the area.  Grab the block you want to fill it with, and type one of the following commands:

  • /function worldedit/fill – This is the most basic one and fills out all blocks between the two points.
  • /function worldedit/fill-walls – This creates four walls.
  • /function worldedit/fill-borders – This filla out all borders, making a hollow box.

If you are holding an invalid block, while you’re typing it, nothing will happen.

To copy-paste an area, select it using the fire charge, go to where you want to paste it and then type /function worldedit/clone

This was last tested on version 1.14.1 so if you are playing a later version, bugs might appear. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments or send it to [My username] (Avoiding web crawlers from finding and spamming my email :] )

NOTE: This addon does not yet support multiplyer, however I am considering supporting it in the future.

Changelog View more
  • Added /function worldedit/clone
  • Added error message for multiplayer (This does not support Multiplayer yet)
  • Other minor tweaks

Updated the download link, it should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Supported Minecraft versions


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249 Responses

4.16 / 5 (75 votes)
  1. NeolRyong says:

    Could you update this to version 1.16?
    I want this.

  2. UnlistedSplashYT says:

    Pls make for 1.16.2

  3. unsp34k4bl3f1sh says:

    hi! your version of worldedit is as good as i can find but… pls make a folder version then zip it cause my minecraft (bedrock PC) cant use .MCWORLD/.MCPACKs please and thank you

  4. David H plays says:


  5. Craggsknot says:

    Update it please. We all are waiting here. I love this script, so simple yet so useful.

  6. ReimarPB says:

    Hello again.
    In 1.16, Mojang changed the scripting API so that it is no longer possible for an addon to detect which block a person used a fire charge on.
    This means the current version no longer works after 1.16 and the update I’m working on has to be further postponed because I have to find a new way to make this work.
    I’m hoping to release the update in July, but please don’t get your hopes up because this might not happen after the sudden change in the scripting API.

  7. Coco29 says:

    Très bon produit ! je l’utilise depuis un moment et il m’aide énormément ! Cependant la version 1.16.0 n’est toujours pas prise 🙁 Mettez à jour votre mod au plus vite, j’ai de la construction qui m’attend 😀

  8. Guest-3274319392 says:

    I can’t download it on iPad can u help me plz

  9. Guest-6663564340 says:

    plz add schematic function or its useless copy past is already in the game same with fill and all that

  10. Guest-6342985981 says:

    bu as el del acha bububu

  11. Guest-4695801594 says:

    Its not working. Minecraft just released 1.16 and so I went from (1.14 to 1.16) it stopped working. Please fix it in 1.16.

  12. Guest-3756080391 says:

    Bug: It doesn’t work in the nether.

  13. Guest-1393393557 says:

    hey just saying in the next update (btw great addon) like the ones where its like replace near 50 sotne bedrock or something like that

  14. Guest-1566968174 says:

    Amazing world edit mod, one of the best i’ve come across for mcpe. Very easy download and easy to use. Only issue is that coloured versions of blocks (wool, terracotta, concrete) cannot be used, as it will be filled with the uncoloured version of the block. Other than this, this is great. Thank you!

  15. Guest-6637244933 says:

    Can you make that with the fill command, the sort of block is the same? For example, I want to fill my floor with birch planks but it fills in with oak planks. If you can do that I will appreciate it.

  16. ReimarPB says:

    Hello everyone. I can see a lot of you are having trouble using this on version 1.14.60. I tried it with the same version, and it seems to work fine for me so I don’t really know what’s going wrong. The only advice I can give you is to make sure experimental gameplay is on and that you are using either Windows 10 or Android with Blocklauncher, although I’m sure many of you already know this. I’ll update you if I find out what causes this. Also, I am still working on an update for this. Don’t know when it will be ready.

  17. Guest-5423978397 says:

    on my world it will not work i am on v 1.14.60 it lets me do the commands and in chat it says that it is working but the blocks do not come

  18. Guest-9414167338 says:

    On bedrock there really isn’t a way to automate structure blocks and last time I checked they didn’t work and on android you flat out couldn’t open them

  19. Guest-9559465186 says:

    I installed the pack but when i try to activate it it goes dark and wont says i cant use it please help im using v 1.14.60

  20. Guest-7879997790 says:

    i can’t install it for whatever reason pls help

  21. Guest-4989172488 says:

    When I hold a coloured variant of concrete it will fill as white concrete. Is this a bug or can I fix it?

  22. Guest-8977895644 says:

    I tried using it with gray concrete and it instead replaced it with white concrete. can i fix this or is this a bug? thanks in advance.

  23. Guest-1728437169 says:

    i love dis addddon

  24. Guest-6367283471 says:

    Soo… I actually deleted almost my entire world with a fill command, I went to undo it… then I realized… THAT THERE IS NO UNDO COMMAND!! Plz make this command :c But other that that its good. 7/10.

  25. ModsProGaming says:

    Greetings! It’s weird how the add-on isn’t working right now, it did work before (3 weeks ago last used.) I do hear villagers spawning and getting killed, but no blocks.

  26. Guest-2004571032 says:

    Hello, I’ve tried everything and the commands nor using the fire charge as a wand works, i’ve enabled experimental world, i’ve typed /reload, i’m in singleplayer and I use windows 10 edition, please help me out

  27. Guest-7292582495 says:

    Hello, like JAVA worldedit, is there a circle/square brush tool?

  28. Guest-4632324800 says:

    Hi, I love world edit, but is it possible for you to make it support the 1.16 beta? I really like world edit but I have the 1.16 beta, you can take your time, but I really want it on the 1.16 beta, thank you for reading!

  29. Guest-3756989274 says:

    I love this mod so much i give this 5 star now i just build an mansion under days wow

  30. Guest-2521130550 says:

    I hope this mod is good but can you make youtube tutorial?

  31. Guest-8452069441 says:

    It works very nicely on 1.14.60, thank you for this mod.
    But PLEASE add support for multiplayer. I usually play with my wife and kids, we would love to use this feature on the same map alltogether.

  32. Guest-5962462781 says:

    How to use it on android?

  33. Guest-7020575362 says:

    can u copy structure (woodland mansion) from world to another world? If does, can u tell me how?

  34. Guest-7358938481 says:

    I Use IOS And Scripts Don’t Work But I Want This Add-on/script

  35. savijhero says:

    help, I cannot get this to work no matter what I do, I uploaded it, used experimental mode, and I cannot get the commands to run

  36. Guest-1202873736 says:

    is there a way to delete things within a space or undo?

  37. Guest-2543600001 says:

    Dont work in 1.14.60? all time make fire

    • Guest-8821391409 says:

      I’m also playing 1.14.60 and had the same issue at first.

      Go into your world settings and turn on “Experimental Gameplay”. After I did this the mod worked properly.

  38. Guest-6101172391 says:

    You did a fantastic job making this script. Please continue to update it for the later version and multiplayer. You are our last hope for a World Edit Addon for Bedrock Edition

  39. piglet says:

    Why does it have to be experimental gameplay?

  40. Guest-7172408965 says:

    So is the command /function worldedit/fill (Block Name) or
    /function worldedit/fill (Block ID) ?

  41. Guest-3753331973 says:

    Can you make the /replacenear command? I will be greatly appreciated if you do!

  42. Guest-9573808097 says:

    Thank you soo much for makeing this mod/add on!!!! I love you sooo much and I hope you keep updating it. Thank you!!!

  43. Guest-7548916076 says:

    Does it require to run scripts?Cause my phone cant do that。

  44. Guest-9998298368 says:

    hey i cant get the fire charge to set positions it just burns stuff instead

  45. Guest-8427930193 says:

    can i flood a world and if how do i do it

  46. Guest-2948893493 says:

    Your the best and keep updating it

  47. Guest-4258975579 says:

    The only reason I needed it is because I’m building a city and I was sick of placing all the blocks for the roads. It was going to be concrete, but it ended up white. So i tried gray wool, came out white. I can’t have white roads.

  48. Guest-3444865988 says:

    Does it work on IPad and on Windows 10?

  49. Guest-4554393586 says:

    does this work for spheres that large

  50. Guest-9061338613 says:

    says i need scripts to run

  51. Guest-8423720684 says:

    I’ve tried to use the function to get the wand
    it said that function wasn’t found
    i used a fire charge from my inventory
    i tried the command after selecting 2 points
    it didn’t work
    turned on experimental gameplay and tried again
    it didn’t work

  52. Guest-3079811302 says:

    Its a good addon but the only reason its not rated 5 stars is because of the block data. Say I want to place green wool it will only fill white wool (the basic)

  53. Guest-9309681173 says:

    Good Addon but because I gave a 3 star is because the block data is not correctly matched to my block (e.g. When using Birch Planks, it just places Oak Planks).

  54. MajorExperiments says:

    Hey, same question as that guest. Is it supported on Xbox? My friend tried to join my world with this, then it said: “Your device is not supported.” Can you fix it please? My friend is a really good builder so i really need help with that.

  55. Guest-8356605063 says:

    nice pack but would like to be able to use it on a larger scale instead of a small area

  56. Guest-7392068552 says:

    Does it work for Xbox?

  57. Guest-7361718385 says:

    it doesn’t work in beta

  58. Guest-3543509975 says:

    This is the best world edit ive downloaded here, but the only problem is that if i wanted to add red concrete, it would add white concrete even if i have the correct block in my hand. Can you add that? I would love this script even more if you could.

  59. Guest-2239049702 says:

    friend download the plugin but do not select all the blocks you want just put 2 rows and activate the experimental mode and it does not work should I select all the blocks I do ??

  60. ModsProGaming says:

    I like this world edit add-on it has the features and can do it in creative. Not like the others.

  61. Guest-3718271021 says:

    you need to add stack

  62. Guest-1117484702 says:

    this doesnt work, the wand is broken and doesnt select at all

  63. Guest-8934891812 says:

    How do install it to Minecraft?

  64. Guest-3597038028 says:

    hi, why can’t I enter on iOS?? it says this is needs a device that can run with scripts?? can you make a version that dent need scripts?? thanks

  65. Guest-5595867933 says:

    I tried downloading it a few times and it always says failed to import. Is there a way to solve this?

  66. Guest-6939736407 says:

    Is it possible that you can change the mod without using the experimental game? It ruins my worlds by wanting to use it 🙁

  67. Guest-8888981655 says:

    Even with experimental gameplay turned on it still won’t work, is installed of course but when in the game it’s like it doesn’t exist. Would anybody know what’s wrong? I am on PC by the way.

  68. Guest-8818858775 says:

    it still works on 1.14.30
    but it may get some bugs.

  69. Guest-4857261222 says:

    I have add behavior on my minecraft world, when I try to enter it tells me “Your phone needs a script, what should I do to make it work?

  70. Guest-5739554163 says:

    great script but in the future can you add a rotate function?

  71. Anonymous says:

    Great Mod but there is no nbt data if you hold dark prismarine it will use the normal prismaere this is a bug i believe also it would be great if there was an function worldedit/undo

  72. Guest-2022834013 says:

    GREAT MOD! Could use the undo function but apart from that it works amazingly! 5 stars

    • Guest-6033683306 says:

      hey i kinda sorted that problem out u just need to get a wand and then select the area u want to clear to do this: /funtion worldedit/fill and hold nothing if u hold nothing its says air and the blocks are gone.

  73. Guest-7552825157 says:

    hello when will this be getting an date and what would be the new Things added this has amazing potential. just needs some more to it

    • ReimarPB says:

      Hello. I know I haven’t updated it for a month but I really don’t know what to add. All the features that actually make sense to add like undoing and fixing the NBT bug are way too hard to do for me and would take forever to make. I really don’t know what to do honestly.

  74. User-3202046172 says:

    Hi, does it work for minecraft Bedwork Realms?

  75. User-7182088857 says:

    Not sure if im being an idiot but the command to spawn wand works. i rightclick to points. select a simple wood block and then the comman for fill comes up but it just makes a villerger sound and types ‘Successfully executed 3 function enteries’ and nothing happens.

  76. User-9434946138 says:


  77. User-5998062606 says:


  78. Dimon says:

    Hello! does not work. I can not understand. Minecraft on the computer. BE Edition. installed mod. caused Wand ….what next? when I select the beginning or end point, then this place just lights up.

  79. PolskiZAP says:

    Can you please add more commands like sphere etc. ?

  80. 6thArmy says:

    Which folder do I put the file in to run the plugin?

  81. YeeEeEtErlUCAs says:

    FINALLY I HAVE BEEN WAITING SOOOOOO LONG FOR ONE OF THESE. but there is no undo please add that

  82. hello this is my name says:

    Good mod, but please add an undo command. I completely ruined my world by messing up the ‘clone’ only to find that it was stuck like that. However, i do appreciate what is currently in it.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Im not sure if this is a bug or not… Im on mobile android phone, and it says my device cant run these scripts plz help me!

  84. A35K says:

    Great addon. At first I was so stupid and didn´t turn on experimental gameplay and I was mad, that it won´t work. But after I used my 3 brain cells I could finally enjoy the addon. Btw: Is it possible to make it work on multiplayer?

  85. No. says:

    Umm it seems like i cant use the /function command properly. Ive even tried copying the command and pasting it, but it doesnt work. Im using an IPad rn.

  86. Space Turtle says:

    I just want to say. This is amazing. I’ve been looking for this. Even though it’s not like java completely, it’s a great start. Man keep up the work. I love this. 5 stars.

  87. Jj says:

    Mine say “this world needs scrpits to work and the device i am on doesnt support scrpits” i am on xbox help plz

  88. TheDiamondBlue1 says:

    Hey, can I do a showcase with this Addon please. I will give you credit by leaving your YouTube channel, if you have one, in the End Screen and in the description along with the link to this page and to any other social media you want me to put in.

  89. arruk1 says:

    wow, i feel so bad, i was stupid enough to not turn on experimental gameplay, lol but its great

  90. The says:

    This script is very cool, but if i want to use, for exemple, dark oak wood, it changes in normal wood.
    And anotha little thing, for building my world im using Chisel Addon, but it doesn’t work on it. Can you fix that?
    PS. and can you make a function wich disables world edit in-game?

  91. RedCraftstone says:

    Hey! I have a little problem: Your Addon is very cool and works on my world, but there´s a little thing that is bad. If you hold e.g. a black concrete block, it will change the area to white concrete (state 0). Can you fix that (fast)? 😀
    If you have changed, you get 5 stars.
    (btw, i´m german, so I´ve maybe made some mistakes xd)

  92. fade says:

    i wasn’t hating on this I think it’s a good idea but my server uses fire charges so I wouldn’t be able to use this lol. /fill works for me rn and works for Android and iOS. Just learn to use this and it is virtually the same as this. Just sayin’, I’ll leave 5 stars tho : )

    • ReimarPB says:

      Sorry, I misunderstood you before. I had to choose an item and there will always be situations where it is used for other things. Hope this is still useful to you in other situations. And yes, this is the same as /fill, just a little bit easier.

  93. Danieal550 says:

    My version still ?

  94. Danplayz says:

    How you use it for water or lava?

  95. Burgerking641 says:

    Can i just say this is one of the best mods ive ever seen ive been trying to build a server and this has helped me out loads Thanks to the person who made this you ave really helped me out

  96. joey says:

    i cant download!

  97. Can you make the function files “we” for world edit instead of worldedit/wand

  98. no stalker says:

    this addon is nice. use it all the time now. really easy for making maps. found some glitches such as creating 1000 sponges in the ocean totally breaks the game but makes a cool ripple effect.

  99. Mate, perhaps you should update the page to say that this requires scripting to run. I have Bedrock Edition on Windows 10 so this isn’t an issue for me, but it looks like you’ve got a lot of people commenting about it.

  100. LioshaPlay says:

    Add the ability to make a sphere (full and empty)

  101. Bella says:

    How do you download

  102. Anonymous says:

    How do you download

  103. sadwo says:

    Uhm on the new iOS update it just downloads it do your files and you can’t do anything from there so could you make another link that allows you to copy it at Minecraft?

  104. arruk1 says:

    the link is ok but the pack itself is broken, i did everything that you told us too and when i right clicked the 2 blocks with the fire charge it just set the blocks of fire, so when i did /function worldedit/fill or whatever it made the noise of a villager death and, guess what. nothing.

  105. fade says:

    nice add-on but we have /fill that doesn’t replace fire charge

  106. Kaito1412 says:

    Website is sleeping!!! Please fix download link.

  107. ReimarPB says:

    Hello. I am sorry for the broken download link, the updated one is here:

  108. C.Latte says:

    the download website is sleeping?

  109. C.Latte says:

    But without the need to remember the coordinate, so a little faster

  110. AngeLz79 says:

    can someone give me where to download

  111. epic mincrafter says:

    Could you make not a script because iOS doesn’t seem to support it

  112. Robbie leblanc says:

    Doesnt take you to a nasty site on download but function isnt working at all the firecharge just lights fires

  113. Jamie 61 says:

    I’m on a iOS device & it says my device can’t run scripts. I am on 1.14.1 idk if it’s a big or what but please fix. This is the only world edit addon/mod I’ve found other than Android & pc/java

  114. Fabio alves says:

    Faz Para Android

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