Published on April 21, 2019

WorldEdit (Script/Addon)

This is a World Edit Script. You are no longer bothered by annoying block placement! As long as you have the necessary materials, it will be very easy to build a house and clean up!



  • WorldEdit.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

Minecraft 1.19.83 mod
Can you make a version that works in creative?, the golden sword can be the world edit tool as none uses it and swords cant break blocks in creative and is rarely used in survival. still a good mod
How do I use in pe
it only works on windows ten
Can i replace with air or how do i
Can i replace with air or how
How do I use it?
How do you use it?
GREAT a few duplication glitches but this is THE BOMB
I know a trick where you can use this script easily. Enable Education Edition mode and do /ability mayfly true
This will let you fly in Survival Mode and you can easily do World Edit.
I can download it but it doesn’t work in games it’s says it not unavailable on this device even this I have 1.12
Can you make it work on .13