Published on March 09, 2023 (Updated on November 29, 2023)

World's Best Building Add-on | By JayCubTruth

There are a total of 9,879 new blocks in this addon! It gives you 25 different shapes in every material that you can rotate, also Concrete Stairs and Slabs, Vertical Carpet, Gold and Copper Bars, Diagonal Fences, Vine Covered Fences, Red Nether Brick Fence, Copper and Gold Chains, New Colorful Torches, Torches of Every Wood Type, New Colorful lanterns, and also 144 new colors of wood planks as well as fences.

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3/10/2023 Bug Fix: The colorful torches were missing the custom particles. This has been corrected. (I also added some more images to the top of this post).

  • Fixed inventory categories
  • Shrunk the hitboxes to better match the shapes
  • Fixed red mushroom bit texture
  • Fixed cake bit & pillar Textures
  • Fix bit and pillar center hitbox
  • Fixed the "L" shape texture
  • Fixed "texture_List.json"
  • Fixed the 3D item render appearance
  • Fixed Cherry Recipes (Thanks @kevinrodriguez4090)
  • Optimization
  • Compatible with 1.20.41
  • Added cherry types
  • Added bamboo types​
  • Added vine covered nether brick fence
  • Added tiki torches​
  • Made it easier to place hanging lanterns​
  • Compatible with 1.20.41
  • Corrected Fences
  • Corrected Fence Gates
  • Improved Fence Recipe
  • Improved Gate Recipe
  • Improved fence hitboxes
  • Improved gate hitboxes



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bad mod because it crah my world in minecraft >:(
The recipes are sometimes duplicated, so unfortunately there are often problems.
This is probably the best addon I've come across so far. I was just looking for colored wood and saw this piece of gold. But I think it's missing one thing: colored logs.
This is an absolutely amazing building mod, thank you so much!

I'm not a mod designer, so I have no clue if this would be feasible, but is there any way you could make this more accessible to those of us whose systems struggle with the huge file size by releasing it subdivided into multiple smaller addons, each with different types of shapes?

For example, separate addons for:

- shapes based on cubes, like slabs, posts, & L-shapes

- shapes based on triangles, like angles, angled corners, & points

- shapes involving curves, like curved corners, arches, etc.

- less blocklike elements like chains, lanterns & fences

That way, we could activate only the addons for the shapes we wanted to use in a particular world & not have to go all-or-nothing.

Thanks for considering, and for all your work in creating such a great tool!
why is there a block of axolotl???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Can you add diagonal walls, plz? It will be cooler a bit.
it says not Valid zip archive
please release a verion with only 1/4 block , vertical slab and the wrench.i would be super happy to have a pretty veion for my shitty device
You can modify the addon by deleting the other files you don't need... Don't distribute it tho
can't launch the game with the addon/mod can you find a way to decrease the size of the addon?
Please i'm begging you please update this to have Bamboo and Cherry Wood please
please support to mc 1.20+
Brother please update this add-on I'm begging you it is so good...😭
i even expect froglight all is missing texture on 1.18.30
This has an error or smh legit missing texture, larger than 1:1, invisible and wrench is not working