Blockz+ by JayCubTruth, The Ultimate Building Add-on

With Blockz+, you can use the stonecutter on almost any block to create 25 new shapes, totaling 4,421 blocks. Rotate them with the Blockz+ Wrench tool, and enjoy features like vertical slabs, concrete stairs/slabs, vertical carpet, and diagonal iron bars.

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- 8 New Shapes (25 total)
- 10 New Materials (139 total)
- Use Any Resource / Texture Pack
- New "Wrench" to Easily Rotate Blocks
- RTX Compatible
- Smaller File Size (Actually!)

New Materials:

  • Diamond Block
  • Netherite Block
  • Emerald Block
  • Gold Block
  • Redstone Block
  • Lapis Lazuli Block
  • Iron Block
  • Coal Block
  • Red Mushroom Block
  • Brown Mushroom Block

New Shapes:

  • Rod
  • Sheet
  • Curve Corner
  • Curve Bend
  • Round Corner
  • Round Bend
  • Angle Corner
  • Angle Bend

I have added end user agreement/permissions to the bottom of the page.

New in 1.20.1:

  • ​Bamboo
  • Stripped Bamboo
  • Bamboo Planks
  • Cherry Wood
  • Cherry Plank
  • Cherry Leaf
  • Terracotta (17)
  • Glazed Terracotta (16)
  • More sensible wood names
  • Made the "sheet" hitbox smaller
  • You are now able to center the "pillar" and "bit" in the middle of the block space (instead of just corners, easier to make custom trees and things).
  • Fixed the "1/2" shape texture

11/27/2023 Update:

  • Fixed inventory categories
  • Shrunk the hitboxes to better match the shapes
  • Fixed red mushroom bit texture
  • Fixed cake bit & pillar Textures
  • Fix bit and pillar center hitbox
  • Fixed the "L" shape texture
  • Fixed "texture_List.json"
  • Fixed the 3D item render appearance
  • Fixed Cherry Recipes (Thanks @kevinrodriguez4090)


Supported Minecraft versions

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SettingThingsRight July 02, 2024 at 12:29 pm
Needs to be updated to remove holiday toggle I don't care if we can't rotate just put all the blocks in as deco Pwease! Doesn't work with just beta api ...

Please update love this mod!
support 1.21 bro
When i use the wrench, nothing happens
i could download it perfectly fine, but when i try to join my world with it on, it just stays on the loading screen and is taking WAY too long. ive never even gotten into the world at that point. is there something i didnt do?
does it work or edu
Hey JayCubTruth, can I fix the model of the blocks a little bit? The models are a little weird. These are blocks that you should use the correct model for non-outlined blocks by using normal block models and outlined blocks by using border block models. Here is the list:
Outlined blocks:
Diamond Block, Netherite Block, Emerald Block, Gold Block, Redstone Block, Lapis Lazuli Block, Iron Block, Coal Block, Lime Stained Glass, Green Stained Glass, Cyan Stained Glass, Light Blue Stained Glass, Blue Stained Glass, Purple Stained Glass, Magenta Stained Glass, Pink Stained Glass, Brown Stained Glass, Black Stained Glass, Gray Stained Glass, Light Gray Stained Glass, White Stained Glass, Sea Lantern, Glass, Red Stained Glass, Orange Stained Glass, Yellow Stained Glass​​, Polished Granite, Polished Andesite, Polished Diorite​, Cut Copper, Oxidized Cut Copper, Weathered Cut Copper, Exposed Cut Copper, Quartz, Smooth Quartz, Shroomlight, Smooth Stone, Verdant Froglight, Ochre Froglight, Pearlescent Froglight​, Purpur​, Copper Block.

Non-outlined blocks:
The rest of the Blocks in your list.

You can also check the models I fixed by going to my Google Drive link (later I will send you the link, right now I'm making models.) and importing them into Blockbench if you want. After the check, you can fix the hitboxes of every block in your add-on, you can also change the pick collision of some of the blocks if you like. I also going to add new blocks like left and right half spheres, spheres, cones, circler sheets, and cylinders, so you can add new types of blocks if you like. Can you also add the loot tables of every single block, pls? Please don't do anything to me, I just want to make your add-on better.
hey man, there's a bug that this doesn't load in 1.20.40
too many blocks that be mightily crash a game
Could you update for 1.20.30?
bug:No cherry recipes
Hi Jaycubtruth, I build outlast horror map with your addon, and it's looks amazing! Your addon is great. I noticed some detail what you can add and fix, do something of that if you want.

1. Add bone block. Yes, I understand you don't wanna add different-side blocks, but I think it's important texture. Personally I build walls with bone block, but some guys maybe build skeletons or similar.
Add concrete powder blocks, it kinda cursed but I again build with this block XDD

2. Add these shapes and positions:
4x rod (shape)
45 degrees rod (position)
Anti-Y, kidna stairs (shape)

Centered rod, 4x rod (Okay), centered rod and 4x rod on block side, I hope you'll understand me. (position). This thing is hard and not needed, just simple idea.

It's all important I guess. Sincerely, Casual45.
don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing mod. I do have a few things I noticed though, the round corners are not symmetrical, leading to very weird builds. Also, the iron bars diagonal bend is missing it’s 4th position, and have a texture glitch in some positions. That’s all I’ve noticed so far.
Please Make the blocks have functions, for example, call blocks as fuel, slippery ice block, Redstone blocks giving off signal, etc