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Published on April 22, 2021

WS: Timeless (Turn-Based RPG, Early Development)

Timeless is a Turn Based RPG that takes advantages of clever use of scoreboard and tag commands to create something similar to the likes of current Turn Based Games of the recent years. It has mechanics similar to Pokemon, and roaming from 3rd person perspective. From the creator of the first Missile Wars for Pocket Edition.

The map is not a finished product, and not even a demo, but only shows some basic gameplay features of the map. This include a battle system similar to pokemon and roaming system. The map was inspired by a mobile game series called Witch Spring. Note that most of the main features are missing, including sounds, animation, model for the characters, etc. The link left in this description shows the youtube video for the map as you enter it, and how to operate the basic functions. Check the channel for other map progress videos. The creator will improve the map from scratch, changing some of the scoreboard commands and adding additional mechanics to the game.


The map has been under development for 8 months, but I lost interest while working on it around 5 months of development. But now I'm motivated again, and may upload more videos showing my progress on the map. I hope that I can at least release the demo version of the map.


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I'm very impressed with this and how are you doing on your cell phone, looking forward to new updates
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This actually looks cool and the fact that you're planning to make a four player party thing sounds great. The RPG maps are such a cool thing to mcpe dl and glad this is going to be another great addition to one of them. It's gonna be worth the wait.
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