Published on December 06, 2020 (Updated on December 06, 2020)

Bow Wars | Pvp With Bow

This time I'm uploading, a map. This map is called bow wars. Here there is a very nice lobby, bow wars minigames full of all the commands. And others. In fact, you can pvp by doing survival. For further understanding, please click on this map.

Hi everyone 😁, this time I am uploading a pvp themed map called " 🏹Bow Wars",

this map was created by ZenaToZena1 & Ammar1977.

Here you will find a very nice lobby, a minigame full of commands. Which definitely makes you happy.

In addition, here is a log generator along with an iron generator. Which allows you to get PVP and survival :).

Ok and I have some photos about this map :

This is the lobby

This is the arena "🏹Bow Wars", with full command

This is when you open the chest, this chest will recover when you repeat the game.



Info :

Machines that produce wood & iron continuously, you can use to play survival, make armor, equipment and so on.

Credits :


IG = @ammarammera

Yt = MSNZ Mantap


IG = @zenatozena1

Yt = ZenaToZena1

Attention !!!, don't re-upload this map ... Remember God Sees You. 


  1. Click the link above
  2. Wait 5 seconds
  3. Click skip add
  4. And you will be taken to mediafire
  5. And download folder
  6. And open with Minecraft 

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

PLZZ use mediafire i dont want to get virus