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Published on May 18, 2021

Discord Wumpus Addon

Everyone has Discord nowadays which means you probably know about the mascot of Discord, Wumpus. This addon adds Wumpus into the game that makes discord sounds that can be used for Trolling.


This is my first ever addon that has custom entities and made for me to learn about how entities work. I want to become a game developer later in life and that's why I started making addons. I want to create another addon that uses a lot of entities and I want to get my feet wet to understand how to make entities and the properties they have, so treat this as a learning experiment, and any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.

What is Wumpus

Wumpus is discord's mascot and can be found when there's an error in Discord or act as a filler image with text:


 What does Wumpus do? 

Wumpus is just like any other mob however it makes pinging sounds and looks cute.

You can spawn Wumpus under your friend's house and make him/her think there getting a lot of DM's.

Wait there's more!

I've changed the music of disk 11, 13, and Far to the Incoming Call music while the other two are the Remix, and the Halloween version.



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That is friccin cute
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4 stars because you put effort into the addon
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