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Published on June 27, 2020 (Updated on June 25, 2021)

4Th Of July Resource Pack [New Fire Work Sounds]

Do you want to celebrate the 4Th Of July In Minecraft?

Than download this Texture Pack and make you're Minecraft?world More patriot. This Resource Pack changes paintings, Diamond equipment and fireworks.

New logo that makes Minecraft more patriot:

New GUI that turns the buttons into Red and Blue and New panorama of Washington D.C:

New Loading screen Messages:


US themed diamond equipment:




Non Red, White & blue wool changed into American flag.


New sounds for fireworks


New Paintings
















Added new music 

(NOTE the music does not replace any music disks)

/playsound commands:

music.1 = The Star-Spangled Banner Chorus Only

music.2 = The Army Song aka The Army Goes Rolling Along

music.3 = The Star-Spangled Banner Band Only

music.4 = 1812 Overture

music.5 = The Star-Spangled Banner Band And Chorus




Liveboat for background for panorama


Select version for changelog:


-Added new sounds for Fireworks.

-Added US Themed music.

-Added more splashes and loading messages.


Supported Minecraft versions


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5 / 5 (4 votes)
This texture has the most fun and exciting vibe. Thank you so much! This pack is great!
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How do u make a panorama?
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THE_BLUE was right it's a great texture pack
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Eh... Too bad someone Russian texture pack does not:(
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Your mod so cool man
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I thought this Add-on was inaccurate until I looked at the food bar. 10/10
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God bless you, my fellow american.
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I'm not american but nice texture pack !
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What the heck that what i was gonna say after my other comment
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I'm remember the ww2 American vs Germany
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