Published on February 11, 2021 (Updated on November 21, 2022)

Joey Gaming Studios Ultra Key Pack! (Green Screens) [Creative Inventory Update]

Are you a Minecraft content creator or someone who makes Minecraft machinimas? Then I have an add-on for you. This add-on provides Green, Blue, and Red screens that YOU can chroma key out to make a custom background.

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-Added Chroma Key Blocks to the Creative Inventory

-File is now a .mcaddon

-Changed the text of the blocks to match the color of the block.

-Added reuploading, and the Monetization policy at the end of the article.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Great but can you make it survival friendly?
Also bedrock doesn't go to 1.17 it goes to 1.16.210 and then maybe 1.17.
I love this addon
This is grear but what application did you use to edit greenscreen?
He probably used Adobe
Thanks, not 5 because is not in the creative inventory
There's a bug with the 1.16 update which doesn't add the new blocks into the creative menu. It should be fixed automatically when the cave and cliffs update comes out.