Published on February 28, 2022 (Updated on July 12, 2022)

XLFoodModPE (V2, 1.19 Support!)

Features of the add-on:

Add 8 types of crops

Add more than +150 types of food

Add an ore called "salt ore" and 2 types of plants that are scattered

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-1.19 Support!

-Crops hitbox fix

-Small bugs fixed

-Fixed bug when growing plants with bone meal

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RagingMalevolence‎‎ March 07, 2023 at 10:52 pm
Does this need any experimental gameplay?
I tried it on the server, there are some of the problems
- The crops(seeds) that i want to plant always pops up and turn into dirt instead of soil, eventually i cannot grow the plant
- The salt doesn't drop
This was on the latest version. Maybe try to fix it. Besides that i love this add on that i'm about i working on the custom creation map
heyyy! rlly wanna get this addon, its very cute, although I don't want to download the browser, I know with my own experience linkvertise can be confusing when setting up the link so I'll be patient but could you please make it so I we only have to look at the ads?

(sorry if this is confusing.)
All experimental functions ON
Rock salt can't be mined,
Crops count as regular blocks(can hold torches and fences reacts to them)
Hello I just want to said this is a absolutely amazing addon but currently it didn't work on servet and is broken could you please fixed it I really enjoy this
I love the mod you only had one issue I had to manually fix the rock salt ore wasn’t dropping any salt when mined
Also there is an issue when trying to plant the seeds in the realm they just pop right off could you make this realm supported please all my realm mates love this mod
Ready, the salt ore already drops the salt correctly, and the seeds, I'm not sure what it is, be sure to activate all the experimental options, it may also be that they do not have lighting or they do not have water
It also doesn't let me get salt ore either. I have everything turned on and everything else works normally. Just the salt ore doesn't work at all. I've tried breaking it with netherite & diamond pickaxes and it drops nothing. Please fix this as soon as possible, thanks.
Download the add-on again, maybe you have the old version, I just tried the add-on and it worked perfectly
I'm having the same problem as redstontewolves :( other than that your mods are awesome!
All your food mod are my favourite addon❤️❤️❤️❤️
Absolutely amazing.
merci de la français
wow if i was the owner and if u can pay boom im a billionare! (message to encourage for more)