Published on March 27, 2022 (Updated on July 08, 2022)

Yeet's Mining Sim V1.0.7

The map is only in its starting point, but as I update it, the map gets better. If you wanna message me about the map, add me on discord; Jasper the Birdie#2685. Just incase you wanna know how something works, put yourself in creative and look at the command blocks. If you wanna make a youtube video on this map, go straight ahead, just don't claim the map as yours and send me your video. 


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Changed the deepslate diamond ore to diamond ore to make in mineable.



  • Yeets_Mining_Sim_UPDATE.mcworld (1.19 MB)

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I've changed the name "Rainbow Ore/Mine" to "Rainbiridium". Is It better or worse?
I know this is not roblox but still cool
Thanks for downloading if you did :D