Published on December 23, 2021 (Updated on July 31, 2022)

Your Mob Ideas | Episode 4 Update!

Your Mob Ideas is a YouTube series by Raboy13. If you want to visit the channel, here is the link. It is also where you suggest your very own mob ideas to be added to one of the episodes of this series.

Your Mob Ideas covers the audiences' very own mob ideas that are suggested to Raboy13, if they get lucky, their mobs could get added to the series, and if the mob is very unique, it might even get added to "Raboy's Mobs Addon" which is another project by Raboy13.

You can suggest your mobs on the discord server here:

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Little Tangerine

-mob idea by LilTangy
-spawns in jungle biomes
-20 health points
-tameable using cookies
-can be bred using cookies
-does nothing except being cute most of the time


Mushroom Creeper

-mob idea by Lesser Dad
-creeper variant that spawns in mushroom islands
-same attributes as a normal creeper
-charged mushroom creeper drops tnt instead of gunpowder when killed



-mob idea by OrangeBlue13
-spawns in mountain biomes, especially in jagged peak biomes
-50 health
-10 attack damage + poison for 3 seconds
-spits poison that lasts for 3 seconds in a 3x3 area
-drops its stinger when killed which can be used to craft a Wyvern Spear
-wyvern spear deals 7 attack damage and poison for 5 seconds


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The Username but backwards October 07, 2022 at 10:03 am
Maybe make an orange as a friend for the tangarine
all the folders except for ep 3 are blank can some help?
IGotNoIdeasWhatNameToMake September 05, 2022 at 7:21 am
Suggestion 1.) Add bandits with medium difficulty, like using block mechanics per 10seconds.

Suggestion 2.) Add a abandoned hostile entity, when closed, itll use 3 attack patterns, melee, range, melee you can do any attacks you wish. It'll spawn naturally in deep forest or savannah biome.
Please Add Drowned Enderman Acts like an enderman but can survive in water instead of land, it can exist in rain although cant teleport, and in thunderstorms can only teleport when there's lightning, in water sources it sinks to the bottom of the water and stays there patiently but can occasionally teleport and attack you although teleportation is more delayed due to water processing, it can also spin underwater to create a whirlpool drag you down
Skulk Patroller
Description: Its a walking Skulk Sensor!!!
Status: Neutral
Behaviors: The Skulk Patroller is a Mob that spawns in the Deep Dark it drops a High amount of Exp, And a 1/50 chance of Skulk Sensor (1) and other Random Raw ores (1 - 4) (1/10) - Includes Diamonds (1/200) but can only drop 1 diamond, but the rarest 1/10000 is a Book of Mending

The Skulk Patroller itself wonders around the Deep dark Acting as a Patrol to alarm the warden,
At first this Mob is very neutral it Does Capture vibrations made by the players and any other mobs,
They go to that mob and sticks to them, and once it detects vibrations it also creates the Skulk Sound effect which can alarm other skulk sensor blocks or the Skulk shrieker,
why is it neutral?
well once you Hit this Fella, He'll Become Hostile and Runs away to the nearest Skulk Shrieker,
(only works when a player hurts them, because hostile mobs doesn't bother on attacking them due to the warden being with they're side)
Once you Damage this Skulk Patroller, It'll whether Tries To hurt you as much as it can and Creates alot of noise while doing it, but once your away from it or its Health being low, it'll Run to the Nearest Skulk shrieker And Independently create Skulk Sounds

Activating the Skulk Shrieker and Wakening the Warden,

What will happend if there's 2 or more of it?, well one of it will continously fighting the player, while the other will find the nearest Skulk shrieker,
What happend when there's no skulk shrieker?
it will Try killing Other Mobs nearby and Attract them to a nearby catalyst and kills them,
Also once a Exp drops, they Take it and Absorbs it to Heal themselves, they can only Detect Skulk Shriekers for over 128 Blocks tho, And when only the Player renders the
But Like as Dolphins They can be Helpful, They can Detect Vibrations nearby the players and continously follows them even not being on the deep dark biome, by Feeding them Bottle of Exp, They'll follow you for 10 mins, but can't surface
eversource chicken to op
can u make a kitsune mob?
GaveTheIdeasSuggester August 01, 2022 at 10:19 pm
mob idea: a 2 legged dragon around 3-5+ blocks tall that possesses a devastating beam attack(said beast drops its laser sack that can be used to craft a weapon able to shoot the same laser)
CobaltMightBeTaken August 01, 2022 at 8:54 pm
mob idea: a variation of the wyvern (poison fire lightning and ice are all i can think of rn)
I have a idea can you add a snow leopard
I have two mob ideas that are giants related to the cyclops: The troll and the ogre

Trolls spawn in forests, taigas, mountains, and caves. They can have up to 3 heads. While larger than the ogre, trolls are smaller than the cyclops, and can break blocks weaker than stone, maybe even throw boulders. They may be weak to sunlight, maybe even either bursting into pebbles or turning into a stone statue. Trolls are neutral, only attacking once provoked.

Ogres spawn in plains, extreme hills, and swamplands and are smaller than trolls but bigger than players and villagers. They can break dirt and wood blocks but nothing stronger than them. They may also have two heads. Ogres are hostile mobs, and will attack on sight.
Mob ideas made by me:
1. Blobfish a fish that looks like a blob that spawns in deep oceans and can be picked up in a bucket
2. Tiger a mob that if you hit it it will attack back it will also have its rare white tiger varient and can spawn in Savana Biomes or Jungles
3. Amethyst Golem Spawns in amethyst geodes and will attack any player or mob that it sees in its amethyst geode
4. Lizard Spawns in Desert biomes Can be held in a empty bucket and can be breed with Beetroot
5. The Stalker: The stalker is a mob that lurks in abandoned villages if you make eye contact with it it will run away if you dont look at it it starts to stalk you and follow you to your base drops noting
6. Redstone Golem Found in a cage in woodland mansions to make it become alive you have to use 3 stone blocks 1 redstone block in the middle and a pumpkin on top It will be a boss
7. Meerkat Spawns in deserts tameable with fish And you can sit it down if you hit a mob the tamed meerkat will attack it Meerkats can be breed with rotten flesh
8. Megalodon It spawns in frozen oceans It eats fish dolphins and players it is a giant shark the lurks
in the deep
9. Walrus Spawns at frozen oceans and if killed they will drop a Walrus Tooth If you use 2 sticks and 3 walrus tooths you can make a spear Breedable with any fish But not pufferfish Can be tamed by using Melons
10. The Dodo Can be tamed using raw salmon Spawns in taiga biome and snowy taiga Can be breed using Any type of seeds wolfs hunt down dodo birds but the dodo birds fight for there life when you ecounter a dodo bird it will start to run away from you becouse it is scared of you
There are 2 varients of dodo birds The normal dodo which spawns in Taiga Biome and the Snowy Dodo Which spawn in Snowy Taiga Biome
11. Redstone Bug has a 5% chance of spawning when you mine redstone
12. Pink Wither Also Known as Love Wither It is a boss to spawn it in you need to use 3 pink wool and 1 soul sand block in the middle and 3 wither skulls on top.
dang tht is alot
The meerkat and amethyst golem are my favorite out of all of them to me
Mob Ideas by Me:

1. Wither Skeleton Rider (Hostile) - a Wither Skeleton Knight riding a Wither Skeleton Horse with a blue flame inside of its body. Hostile towards players and piglins. Piglins are scared of them because of blue flame emitted by the Wither Skeleton Horses, while Piglins Brutes are not afraid of them. They can be found on Nether Fortresses.

2. Giant Crimson Crab (Hostile) - a giant boss crab that have a huge shell made up of Crimson Crystals and Rubies. The attacks of this boss inflicts fire. They can be found on Nether Waste with a small chance of spawning.

3. Honey Slimes - these Slimes can't jump because they are sticky. They are friends with bees. They also have a chance of spawning in beehives full of honey.

4. Ancient Golem - a friendly old golem made of stones. They are slow moving creatures because they are old. They can be found resting in Jungles.