Published on December 23, 2021 (Updated on July 23, 2023)

Your Mob Ideas | Episode 6 Update!

Your Mob Ideas is a YouTube series by Raboy13. If you want to visit the channel, here is the link. It is also where you suggest your very own mob ideas to be added to one of the episodes of this series.

Your Mob Ideas covers the audiences' very own mob ideas that are suggested to Raboy13, if they get lucky, their mobs could get added to the series, and if the mob is very unique, it might even get added to "Raboy's Mob's Addon" which is another project by Raboy13.

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Your Mob Ideas Episode 6 Features

Shulker Golem

-spawns in end cities
-50 health points
-shoots shulker bullets
-drops up to 3 shulker shells when killed



-spawns in jungles
-60 health points
-immune to fire damage
-takes damage when in water or rain
-shoots fireballs
-drops up to 5 firecharges and high xp when killed



spawns in jungles only during dawn or dusk
has 2 variants, the pepper variant spawns during dusk and firewing variant spawns during dawn
-can be tamed using apple, potato, carrot, and beetroot, can also be healed witht the same items
-20 health points when wild, 40 health points when tamed.
-has poison attack
-defends their owners when tamed or kill the owner's target for them
-avoids monsters and players when wild
-drops an apple, carrot, potato, or beetroot when killed

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Shulken:spawns at the top of the end ships(always ressurects) immune to lava and water will shoot 3 shulken bullets type:shulker/accurate shulker. abilities:can teleport cannot move can shoot more bullets at once bullets give blindness and nausea
Wendigo : A tall, hostile and dangerous creature of the night. It has a 10% chance of spawning in Roofed Forests, Hills, And extreme hills at night, it can spawn in daytime but only at rain and thunderstorms. It is hostile to wolves, cows, sheep's, pigs, villagers, pillagers, vindicators, iron golem, zombies and skeletons. It has 50 health, it's fast, and it deals a ton of damage. Although trying to kill it would be death, iron swords and iron tools do more damage to this monster. Its design would be that it's 3 block tall, like an enderman. Its head resembles a deer or a buffalo skull, with antlers pointing backwards. It's special ability would be that it could mimic other mobs sounds, such as wolves, zombies, cows, villagers, and pillagers. You saw the three block part and thought "oh, I just need a block above me and I'll be fine!" Nope! Its second ability would be that if it detects you have a block above you or you went 3 blocks up and therefore you cannot attack it, it will unleash a roar that pulls you to the wendigo, like an anti shulker, just like the warden, but the difference is that it deals only 3 healthbars. And yes, it's attacks pierce through armor.
Glope : It is a purple transparent glass-like glowing fish in the end that spawns near end cities. It is completely passive and is very weak. It does not live in water but it flies, though it can breath in water it just chooses not to. It flies around end cities and is attracted to end crystals, like fireflies with its lights.
Lush Crab : A giant crab that spawns in lush caves. Its as tall as 2.5 blocks and is as wide as 3 blocks. It is neutral, and will only attack when you attack it.
Its design looks as if a piece of sentient moss decided they just wanted to be.. a crab. Its a crab made out of moss. Its just. Lush crab.
can you add more tamable mobs?
Mob idea:mushroom pet
can be tamed by a grass
idk about this, all the downloads ive seen are just zipped files without an mcaddon in it or the website looks sketchy
This add-on uses sketchy websites such as linkvertise but most of the add-ons here uses it too.
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Please could you Make a warden cobra or a skulk dragon or a rideable diamond scorpion.
I request an Addon , about Jaki Natsumi 2 , Prageru , Kurzgesagt in a nutshell and Bright Side will ally with players to protect SSSniperwolf , Aphmau , LDShadowlady , Mều Channel , Mèo Simmy , Yummie TV and other women against all male infected criminals .
Can you do a giant crab? Which could be tameable. It will be a neutral mob. You could ride it with a normal saddle.
How about a plant like mob which attacks if you get too close with roots and spawns roots that shoot you with ? I'll try to think of more mob ideas.
Es compatible con el better mobs?
SeekertheBerserker July 11, 2023 at 6:57 am