Published on August 26, 2021 (Updated on September 17, 2021)

ArtilleryCraft Addon

Do you want to destroy things not just with tnt? Well, you're in the right place because this addon adds massive artillery guns to the game to make things extra fun!

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-renamed the artillery shell for basilisk cannon to "small artillery shell"
-increased basilisk cannon hitpoints to 100
-basilisk cannon will now take damage from explosions only
-adjusted basilisk cannon hitbox
-increased typhon heavy cannon hitpoints to 200
-typhon heavy cannon will now take damage from explosions only
-adjusted typhon heavy cannon hitbox
-new item added! the artillery gun remover
-you can now pickup artillery guns by holding an artillery gun remover by right clicking and sneaking for pc users and sneaking then tapping the "Pickup" button for mobile players
-artillery guns will now drop their items when they are picked up, but not when destroyed
-arranged all the items to equipments category so you won't have a hard time finding them
-added a new function to get all the items straight to your inventory
-reduced the maximum stack for each to 16
-removed cooldown component for all artillery shells
-new artillery gun added! the ALASTOR SIEGE CANNON, has 12-second reload time and 8-second firing time and 150 health
-new artillery shell added for the alastor siege cannon
-new projectile added for the alastor cannon which has a range of up to 10 chunks and an explosive power of 10
-updated pack icon

[Know Issues]
-artillery shells are not rotating correctly towards the target
-artillery shells are launching on an incorrect angle
-artillery shells are not launching from the barrel of the artillery guns

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- Able to rotate the artillery gun, while you can tow the giant rail cannon with like a Leash or something, but you can rotate the giant rail cannon with a custom item.
- The ammunition can be spawned as an entity an can be pushed around with. It'll have a rolling animation when being pushed around with.
- The guns should be able to take damage.
- The ammunitions fired from the artillery has wrong orientation when being fired, whereas the rail cannon's ammunition can't be seen properly when being fired.
- There should be a cooldown for the guns depending on how large they are.
- To remove the cartridge after you fired the guns, you have to get close to the guns, sneak, press the "Takeout ammo" button / right click on PC to remove the cover of the guns, then press the "Take" button / right click on PC to take out the cartridge. You should have the cartridge as an entity when you detach from the guns.
- To load the ammunition into the guns: sneak while close to the guns, press the "Open latch" button / right click on PC while looking at the guns to remove the latch, go to their respective ammunitions, sneak, press the "Take" button/ right click on PC to grab the ammunition, get to the guns (you can un-sneak while you're still holding the ammunition, but you must sneak again to be able to reload the guns), press the "Reload" button while looking at the guns / right click on PC to reload the guns, and finally, un-sneak to close the latch.
- To take out the ammunition before you fire the guns: 1. If the latch is closed, sneak while near the guns, press "Open latch" / right click on PC to open the latch, press "Takeout ammo" while sneaking / right click on PC while sneaking to get the ammunition out. 2. If the latch is opened, no need to sneak to open the latch.. just sneak while close to the guns, press "Takeout ammo" / right click on PC while sneaking to grab out the ammo.
Chito-Ignacio-Consolacion-728 July 24, 2022 at 3:06 am
Thanks Raboy13 for this mod! Love it! I'm using this in my Philippines History map!
please fix the alastor siege cannon and typhon cannon, they blow itself up as soon as you fire
This is great especially for an attack on titan mod because on top of the walls there are anti titan artillery cannons
Hello I'm Brazilian and I came to give my opinion add new cannons and that they can be aimed to make a war..
Just a suggestion: more artillery guns like the Field Gun,and the Howtizer and yeee a couple more artillery guns
Last suggestion: artillery gun shell not launching in the barrel fixed

also great addon lodz :)
When i extract the zip and look at the folder there's no file at all like missing and i tried to view it on zarchiver there's a file like it's broken when i extracted the zip
letmeregisterpleaseimsad December 31, 2021 at 10:47 am
Would be 5 stars if not the glitch when alastor cannon and typhoon cannon shoot, they destroy blocks under them and damage themselfes
cool mod but yes we need rotation and for the shells not to shoot on the cannon 3 stars
Very good addon, The animations are Great. I would Like it if the Ammo Launch Issue Could be fixed. (Was gonna use it on my SMP because hey giant guns seem pretty fun Plus the fact you can craft these makes it even better.) overall Great Addon Some Key issues but thats a 4/5 Poggers!
Pls add field cannon with the wheels
Can you have a media fire link for linkvertise instead of their download I'm trying to download this on Xbox One and I can't download it on Linkvertise due to the new Microsoft Edge
This comment has been removed
The download requires me to download some weird files that are likely viruses
It's just arabic gibberish
This download is just viruses
I have to download 2 viruses just to get the addon
No, It's Just You Tap Wrong Button. It Supposed To Go Mediafire After Done With Linkvertise