Published on October 03, 2021 (Updated on October 08, 2021)

Cyborg Bodyguard Addon

Hey! Psst! Are you tired of constantly dying in Minecraft? Is the game too hard? Need a helping hand but you don't have any? Well, say no more because your personal Cyborg Bodyguard is here to help!

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-fixed cyborg attacking each other when a player accidentally clicked another cyborg
-the cyborg can now climb up blocks
-fixed running animation playing even when the cyborg is turned off
-the cyborg will now likely to follow the player more than randomly looking around and strolling
-reduced the start follow distance of the cyborg from 16 to 12 blocks
-added new cyborg bodyguard item to the get_cyborg_items function
-added new power key item to the get_cyborg_items function
-added new flash key item to the get_cyborg_items function

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why creeper though?
make him attack hostile and creeper.
also add a gun. 25 dmg
cant u do media fire please link vertise keep getting blocked by family safety .-.
Pwede moba e update ang cyborg mo
Lods maganda ang attack niya at meron
Siyang baril sa kamay parang haytic talaga
I dont think the creator is filipino
now give it some armor
that is so cool!can i make a video with it?
Bro the zip file is empty
How do I use it 😔
cool but make it follow player when its like 5 blocks away.
Also make them equip bow and crossbow also add some animation that would be amazing
The cyborg animation is great but the only problems is they cant climb
Plsa fix it the cyborg cant climb up