Published on October 03, 2021 (Updated on October 08, 2021)

Cyborg Bodyguard Addon

Hey! Psst! Are you tired of constantly dying in Minecraft? Is the game too hard? Need a helping hand but you don't have any? Well, say no more because your personal Cyborg Bodyguard is here to help!

This Add-on adds a new craft-able entity that would be a really great help if you're on single player or in servers alike

Now this add-on was actually made way back in 2016 and since then, it didn't receive updates for a long while, and because it was very popular, in fact, it's one of the most popular addons I've ever created, I decided to give it an update.

So, for this addon to work, you need to turn on just the Holiday Creator Features first



The Cyborg can now be obtained by crafting it rather than finding it in the savanna biome, so to obtain this and make it fully functional, you will need to craft its body parts and certain items.

Here are the crafting recipes for its body parts:

Cyborg Head

To craft the Cyborg's head, you need to put a comparator in the center as it will serve as the brain for the cyborg, then surround it with iron ingots for protection

Cyborg Torso

To craft the torso, you need to put iron ingots in a pattern like this, then putting a nether star beside it as it will serve as its eternal powersource

Cyborg Arms

To craft the arms, you need to put a sticky piston and 2 iron ingots below it, take note that we need 2 arms though for the final recipe

Cyborg Leg

To craft the legs, you need to put iron ingots in a pattern like this. Take note that we also need 2 legs as well

And now, for the final recipe:

You need to place the body parts in a pattern like this to craft the Cyborg itself

Upon placing, the cyborg is currently turned off and it will not work just yet

To turn it on, you need to craft another item called the Power Key, and you just need an iron ingot and a redstone dust

right click on the cyborg to turn it on. Press "Turn on" if you're using a mobile device.

Even when it's turned on, it will only wander around and not protect you from any mob, you still need to activate its protocols by crafting another key called the "Flash Key"

To craft it, you will only need 2 gold ingots and placing it in a pattern similar to the power key

And now, the Cyborg will finally be able to protect you from any hostile mobs! (Excluding creepers though) and the Cyborg has 500 hitpoints!

You can also equip your Cyborg with Swords and Axes ranging from wooden all the way up to netherite to make it even stronger, all you need to do is turn off the Cyborg first and then equiping the item. You can change its weapon by also turning it off first.

You can also type this command to get all of the items in this addon straight to your inventory!


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-fixed cyborg attacking each other when a player accidentally clicked another cyborg
-the cyborg can now climb up blocks
-fixed running animation playing even when the cyborg is turned off
-the cyborg will now likely to follow the player more than randomly looking around and strolling
-reduced the start follow distance of the cyborg from 16 to 12 blocks
-added new cyborg bodyguard item to the get_cyborg_items function
-added new power key item to the get_cyborg_items function
-added new flash key item to the get_cyborg_items function

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5 / 5 (6 votes)
Pwede moba e update ang cyborg mo
Lods maganda ang attack niya at meron
Siyang baril sa kamay parang haytic talaga
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now give it some armor
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Bro the zip file is empty
How do I use it 😔
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cool but make it follow player when its like 5 blocks away.
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Also make them equip bow and crossbow also add some animation that would be amazing
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The cyborg animation is great but the only problems is they cant climb
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