Published on September 12, 2021

ZOMBERZ Minigame

Far into the future, You're the last survivor of an Apocalyptic zombie virus!Armed with a trusty sword, some ragged clothes, and a will to live, the zomberz are surrounding you! How long will you survive?Fight zombies, Collect Powerups, and Survive for as long as you can!Map By Bridgeworks Entertainment Based on "Zompocalypse" Flash game found on Coolmath-games and Andyslife

Bridgeworks Entertainment Presents...

A Zombie Apocalypse Map unlike anything you've played before!

Spawning in you'll spawn in the main hub.

How to play:

Zombies move from side to side on the track, getting closer to your character.

Stand within 3 blocks of zombies to damage them

Don't stand too close otherwise they might bite you! Each bite takes half a heart from you, and you Don't regen!



Power Ups


There are 3 kinds of powerups



Gives you a temporary Speed Boost, For 10 seconds once collected

MEDKITS (Redstone Block)

Heals you 6 Hearts Instantly

WEAPON (Enchanted Sword)

Gives a 10 second Instant Kill Aura that will kill all zombies within a radius of 3 blocks of your player


Standard Zombies:

Run of the mill zombies, Normal damage, Normal health. Nothing special.

Speedy Zombies:

Faster zombies, wearing a Pumpkin hat, will deal same damage as normal zombies but they move 2x faster, A real pain if surrounded!

Brute Zombies:

Slow Zombies, moving at a 3rd of the speed of normal zombies, but will also deal MASSIVE damage to you on close attack, Wears netherite Chestplate and holds a netherite sword




Powerups are your friend! Use them smartly!

Don't be too hasty to try to sideswipe zombies, especially on low health!

Take out Speedy zombies asap, as they can be a nuisance in large numbers.



Some Screenshots of gameplay:


Have Fun and Enjoy! Good Luck!



YOU CAN Make a video of this map WITH CREDIT to the original creator.

You CAN NOT repost this as "your own" creation on any platform.


Enjoy and Have fun!


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