Published on December 05, 2021 (Updated on September 16, 2023)

Zombie Apocalypse v2 (Add-On)

APOCALYPSE (add-on) brings the map's experience to your own worlds! Fend off hordes of zombies, buy weapons, utility, abilities or boosters at the Shop, or even build a fortress with your friends! Play survival and live on the edge with Hordes possibly spawning at any moment! Plus you can CHAINSAW zombies for ammo! This add-on features custom UI, 3D Weapons, custom zombies, blocks & more!

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Apocalypse Add-On v2 Changelog


- fixed knight sword & tactical shovel

- fixed all the menus

- fixed reloading

- fixed SVD scope UI

- fixed armour animation bug

- fixed pistol booster not working

- fixed "the red line" on the charged plasma cannon texture

- updated player animations and rendering for vanilla 1.20


New Features

- Custom gun damage system

>> removes hit immunity so fire-rate of the guns now matter.

>> with this new system there are rebalances to the guns. the shop will tell you the new damage values, but major changes include:

~ Plasma Cannon does 1 damage per bullet but has 100% armour penetration

~ FP6 does 3 damage per bullet, dealing maximum damage of 3 x 15 (45) if all bullets hit the same mob

- added health pickups. zombies sometimes drop them when killed, except if killed by fire.  

>> health pickups will be sucked towards the nearest non-spectator player within 12 blocks

- chainsaw can now chop most wood-related blocks quickly now


Changes/Quality of Life Improvements/Balance Changes:

- Tweaked Horde zombie random spreading

- Horde zombies now spawn at the corner of the block the targetted player is on rather than directly inside the player

>> you can take advantage of this to make horde farms, but beware of friendship zombies with their pistols

- Most zombies are now scared of soul items and will run away every few seconds if they get 2 blocks near one.

>> The doors of the Stronghold now have 2 soul campfires. This is to make zombies not spawn camp your Stronghold doors as much  

- all items no longer lock in inventory, except for the Stronghold spawning item

>> this makes for much better inventory management

- now u can buy guns infinitely instead of only once

- all guns (except chainsaw and pistol) are now able to despawn and be exploded when dropped on the floor

- added chainsaw recipe

>> 2 iron ingots, 1 diamond sword, 2 netherite ingots, 1 redstone block, 3 orange terracottas. in case u loose your chainsaw.

- added custom commands

>>  !pvp off': Turns off gun PVP [op only]

>>  !pvp on': Turns on gun PVP [op only]

>>  !fix': Clears all zombies and fixes players [op only]

>>  !refill': Refills ammo for all players [op only]

>>  !movechuck': <Host Only> Moves ChÜck to current location [op only]

>>  !host': <Host Only> Opens the Host menu [op only]

>>  !prestige': Opens the Prestige menu

>>  !personal': Opens the Personal menu

>>  !list': Lists all custom commands available

- added fuse sound for frags

- ender dragon now (for some reason) can only take damage from FP6, none from the other guns

- buffer zombie and lightning zombie do not do their death abilities if killed only by fire

- nerfed exploder zombie explosion power (now 3, charged is 4.5)

- unbreakable netherite and scarlet armour no longer have knockback resistance (coz mojang removed it lol).

>> scarlet armour now instead gives full set bonus of permanent regeneration 1

- changes to Duck trades:

>> added ammo crate trade for 64 rotten flesh

>> changed porkchop trade to 4 rotten flesh for 1 baked potato

>> added diamond armour to lapis trade (gives 2 lapis per armour piece)

- zombies drop rotten flesh alot less often now

- zombie horses can now randomly ram mobs

- zombies horses drop 1-4 rotten flesh

- you can now shoot toxic barrels to explode them (works regardless of mobgriefing on/off)

- increased chance of hordes spawning across all difficulties

- increased distance from nearest player before zombies despawn from 44 to 54 blocks



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🌎🇺🇲Jøřğə Ğãŕçía Ģómēž🇺🇸🌎 February 10, 2024 at 12:17 pm
Reasons why I rate it a 5 stars. Reason#1 All the mobs that spawn except for the peaceful mobs are all zombies. Reason#2 Different kinds of zombies. But... Problem#1 There is no apocalypse of zombies chasing us.
so is this gonna be supported for 1.20.50?
Can i use this for my map? (I will credit you)
hey please fix this texture aren't loading in and some items dont work
I can't even reload
How to reload the mobile version?
cómo que Dany Fox y porque todos ablan igles 😈😈 ññññññññññññññññññññññññ ññññññññññññññ ñññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññ
🌎🇺🇲Jøřğə Ğãŕçía Ģómēž🇺🇸🌎 February 10, 2024 at 12:18 pm
Yo hablo Íngles y Español
When I zoom the sniper it makes me slow and
Not move can you pls fix it
DO NOT trust the person "Anderson" they are trying to make a compatible addon with the ripoff brand "My World". They are trying to overcome Minecraft. They even made off brand toys for "My World".
cool person that makes stuff lol October 11, 2023 at 6:59 pm
who tf are u talking ab, i dont think anyone cares blud.
i cant open the personal or host menus
Uhm can yoh fix the scope problem. Cuz when i scope i get stuck and cant move the only way to move is jump.
could you pls add a scp 2406 addon in the near future with ancient mekhanite armor and weapons?
Addon update?
UrAverageMinecraftPlayer101 March 14, 2023 at 7:14 pm
Im on beta:(