Published on December 05, 2021 (Updated on July 03, 2022)

Zombie Apocalypse v1.2 (Add-On)

APOCALYPSE (add-on) brings the map's experience to your own worlds! Fend off hordes of zombies, buy weapons, utility, abilities or boosters at the Shop, or even build a fortress with your friends! Play survival and live on the edge with Hordes possibly spawning at any moment! Plus you can CHAINSAW zombies for ammo! This add-on features custom UI, 3D Weapons, custom zombies, blocks & more!

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v1.2 Changes


  • Fixed behaviour pack not appearing
  • Now only works on 1.19+
  • Now you can run & gun for all weapons!
  • Fixed resource pack ui warning
  • Wire cage no longer prevents jumping (mojang removed the component)
  • UI no longer softlocks when opened in creative mode
    • now when you open a menu in creative mode it will switch you to survival first, then switch you back when you exit
  • Slight changes to p250 shooting animation


Balance Changes:

  • Increased P250 damage from 5 to 7
  • FP6 Changes
    • Decreased FP6 damage per bullet (from 40/38 to 11/10)
    • FP6 now does more damage at closer range but less damage at far range
    • Decreased FP6 range
  • Increased XP drops of all zombies, so its abit easier to get stuff initially
  • Decreased spawn-rate of Knight Zombie
  • Decrease damage of all zombies
  • Decreased knight sword damage (from 14 to 6)


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; )
UrAverageMinecraftPlayer101 March 14, 2023 at 7:14 pm
Im on beta:(
Theres a wierd bug that whenever you use the zoom mechanic on any gun that is not the P250, you get perma slow. Even death doesn't fix it. Is that meant to happen, or is that a bug you need to fix?
I wanna do sne for scp collab
This comment has been removed
This comment has been removed
More guns please 🥺🥺
I am a sub and have like all of ur addons i have put this on other addons comments
if you have time i would like you to make an addon for me i can pay if this intrigus u than pls commant back sorry for spelling.
Hey Julius’s… it’s been a while since you added some stuff and I was wondering if you are going to update? You did say that you were busy making other projects so I understand why you haven’t updated as much but will there be another update? Pls reply if you can😁
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Help me! I downloaded the new update andd now i lost ALL my tools (i was admin of my world). Is there a way i can fix this? And may you remind me the name of the admin tools?
did you use the block geo fixer resource pack or i dont know it never happend to me before
Chairs are update blocks for some reason and i am on 1.19.2
The weapons are realy great and the addon is realy challenging just like the map also the best thing is the chainsaw i realy liked it! Thanks for making this map julius
plz can you fix the problem in 1.19 that the behaviour pack doesn't install