Published on March 11, 2021 (Updated on March 11, 2021)

Zombie Apocalypse Add-on

Wsp gamers welcome to another submission. I am very sorry I haven’t been active on mcpedl. I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube. So anyway today we have a zombie apocalypse add-on inspired by my friend BeatDiamondYT. FYI mcpedl and viewers these zombies are different than BDYT’s zombies. My concepts. Ok let’s get started. (Works on windows 10)

So I have created 10 zombies in total ( at least I think I did ). I worked a while on this add-on and fixed bugs so please share and download. Let’s start off with the first mob: Ender Zombie

Health: 20

Damage: 3

spawn: the end

Speed: 0.300

spawn: the end

Next up on the list we have the none other than the : Slow Zombie

Health: 30

Damage: 8 (with slowness)

speed: 0.250

Spawn: mountains and swamps

Next up on the list a passive but cool looking zombie : Gangster Zombie

Health: 20

damage: none

Speed: 0.200

spawn: warm and hot places 

next up on the list , it’s good, the : Poisonous Zombie

Health: 15

Damage: 6 (poison)

speed: 0.150

spawn: forests and dark places

next up on the list another zombie that you would most likely like : BloodThirsty Zombie

Health: 25

Damage: 2

speed: 0.200

Spawn: everywhere except other dimensions

note: this zombie is easy to kill but in hordes you have to run 👍

now next zombie probably a little easier to kill none other than the : Flying Zombie

health: 5

Damage: arrows

Speed: 0.100

Spawn: everywhere except other dimensions

Note: too many will kill u easily

Next up , the one and only : Nether Zombie

Health: 20

Damage: 3

speed: 0.300

Spawn: nether 

now the next one you are going to fear this one: Fast Zombie

Health: 15

Damage: 3

Speed: 0.400

Spawn: everywhere except cold places and other dimensions

Another one that is dangerous and you should avoid at all costs: Wither Zombie

Health: 25

damage: 3 (wither)

speed: 0.250

spawn: cold places 

Last but not least , the one and only : Giant Zombie

Health: 100

damage: 18

speed: 0:080

Spawn: forests and jungle

And another mob that I didn’t get a picture of: The Zombie Slayer. 

It is a colorful iron golem but doesn’t walk but has a walking animation. 

And that’s all for today please subscribe on YouTube and mcpedl and join my discord link is in my YouTube descriptions and here too. Thank you guys.


If you make a video about this add-on make sure to include the link to this mcpedl page or I will takedown your video. Give me credits. 

Thank you guys haré are some links you may want: 


Official MDG PE:


Challenge Server:

Sign into aternos so yo can start up my servers:

And that’s it please like and subscribe for more. Anyways thank yo have a good day gamers!

For mcpedl: pls accept

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Nothing. Should be version 1.0.0 but mcpedl won’t accept. So yea


Just press the link


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Hello, friend. nice to meet you. I am a Chinese MC developer. I think your mod is great. China has a big market. Can you cooperate? We will divide the profits equally. If you can agree, we will be very successful. I have good cooperation experience with foreign friends.
The Legend1122322 April 10, 2021 at 6:38 am
This is amazing but the Giant Zombie can hit me from like 10 blocks away
Old photo of giant zombie it’s bigger in-game
did you know that on my laptop yo profile pic is purple while on my xbox it is blue!