Published on February 02, 2021 (Updated on June 13, 2021)

Zombie Apocalypse Addon V3

Is normal survival not enough?This add-on should satisfy you!

This add-on adds various zombies, items and other mobs.

This add-on is designed for playing in survival mode, so it may not be very useful in creative mode. (May be useful in mob battles)

update! This add-on is now version 3 with new zombies and items added.

To recreate the infection, we have added poison to almost all zombie attacks and changed the poison resources.

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Refresh page
Added new mobs
Add new items
Changed all zombie attacks to poison attacks except some
Fixed some bugs



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Hello, friend. nice to meet you. I am a Chinese MC developer. I think your mod is great. China has a big market. Can you cooperate? We will divide the profits equally. If you can agree, we will be very successful. I have good cooperation experience with foreign friends.
Try these if the add-on doesn't work
-Turn on the experimental game mode (otherwise the add-on will not work!)

・ Do not insert other add-ons (guns etc. are not compatible with other add-ons and cannot be used)

I'm sorry, this add-on is made by the app. Therefore, some bugs cannot be fixed.
plz update, :(
ok more so why can't i play it on 1.17 it says it works
fighting a boss for 1 gold block isent very good for a reward you can get that ez
Good job! But how do you publish Crafty Craft Addons to MCPEDL? I need tips and I have a few ideas for addons
POGG! really good, but can you add some illager zombies (vindicator, pillager and evoker) and zombified animals (wolf, cow, sheep, pig etc.) or maybe you can add them into new addon (separate addon) i will very excited if you could add them, thanks
Great game! But the sword and guns dont work.
what program Do you use?
You should make the spawn of zombies more constant, example there is always have to be 30 or more zombies near the player or its good but it would be better if every were I'ld see there has to be at least 5 zombies
In small words more zombies more zombies
This is awesome addon. If its possible can you add a infection in the addon like if a zombie attacks you to much you will become 1 of them and maybe make the textures better a bit lol
Adrian Merino mendez February 05, 2021 at 8:52 pm
Ve ko actualizando ssta bueno el complemento si actualizando:)
Idea: Add a multiplier zombie. When killed, it will spawn 2 smaller zombies. (Maybe not baby zombies)
sajmon2402 thecitycraftmod creator February 02, 2021 at 3:36 am
it would be better when there was more types of zmobie like fast zombie slow zombie and big zombie miner zombie and other not just zombie 2 or 3 its like you just made a addon and said ok im done goodbye so make it better and more try to play with the creation