Published on October 19, 2018 (Updated on May 15, 2020)

[CSO/CSNZ] Zombie Hero: Assault - The End. [DISCONTINUED]

A very famous game mode comes from Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies...  Zombie Hero! Zombie Hero is a Human vs Zombie PvP (Player vs. Player) mini-game which humans need to survive the attacks from zombies and one of the humans is going to become a "Hero" and another human will be "Side-Kick", those players will help you defeat the plague.

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This is the End. Thank you for playing Zombie Hero.

Every time I update the map, a bug appears. and when I fix that bug, a bug appears. It's nonstop. Now that I added abilities and evolution, the map received at least 60 new bugs. Keep in mind that 34 guns were planned to be added, that will cause mayhem to the map and add even more bugs. I need time to cool off to think weather I should remove this map or update a long time. Keep in mind this is my favourite map out of all that I made, because not only it has one of the most complex systems of command blocks, it's the gameplay, it's's unique. For now, I can say goodbye Zombie Hero.


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May I know why this work is no longer continued (outdated) ?, I think this is Soo cool & great for me because I really want to play cs z but u know... My laptop broken & potato
is the guns different in mcpc and mcpe??
Well now i can take my old friend and play that thing like old long time, btw hope you can make Zombie Scenario (this hard to make by some reason) or just make it like map Zombie Scenario defender tower (i forgot the name) + boss big fat zombie
I need to see what I need to do for Zombie Hero, then I need to see how Zombie Escape is gonna play out, then I will hire somebody to create a Zombie Scenario map.
Guest-2420214192 May 04, 2020 at 4:05 am
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Bro add PVE mode and update for 1.16
"Rework" update will have the map set on 1.16, as for PvE, that is not possible. PvE mode is actually called "Zombie Scenario" while this is "Zombie Hero".
Vro, Rip Xbox Players. Can We Get An F For File Explorer?
Update the skin texture pls it's bad
What skin? lol. All of those skins are accurate but not the Hero one. The map is being updated and the new version will be released around new years eve.
Link brings me tp addfly and i skiped the add but than it said "Please allow" is that right and I've been waiting for it for 30 minutes please fix it
I love the game! But there’s a slight issue, I don’t spawn in with a controller
Thank you! the controller will be given to whoever is hosting the world when you have 4+ players.
How u start?
You need 4 players, the one who is hosting the game is tagged with the tag "Owner". He will receive a controller that he has to drop in order to start the Game.
indeed, try playing on windows 10 for now, I'm looking for a solution for the lag
Hello everyone, do not download the map as of now (31/5/2019) because it's wrong link. Wait until the biggest update of all time coming around the beginning of june. Thank you.
Tristan Santillan May 04, 2019 at 2:17 am
It doesn't work for me :<
Could you go into more details and tell me what's happening? Thanks.
It worked for me.
Can you make a transformer addon it will be so fun ?????????????????????????????????????????????????☺️??☺️??☺️???
and why are you spamming emojies?