Zombie Island

In this map you spawn on a island infected by a zombie plague. Your main goal is to survive and survive you will. There are different parts of the map like a broken town, a forest, and a base. Throughout these areas there can be loot stashed away in which you can find. The island is isolated so leaving it will not help your cause. Your best means of survival is to take what you can find and make it last. Just watch out for the undead and don't starve! Later the island will be updated and likely expanded on! If you liked this map and want more subscribe to my YouTube Channel and join my Discord Server. I make maps, tutorials, and more!

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  • I have changed the description so it is more detailed and thorough.


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Please make a mcaddon file and not a Zip file. Im disappointed because i thought i finally found a good survival world for a challenge. Hell, even make a McWorld file. I dont know how to operate Zip files and import the damn mod. In the great words of MatPat, "My disappointment immeasurable, and my day, ruined."
i dont even khow why thy even use zip files
The way you import a world in a zip file is by extracting it in the games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds folder. Also make sure to remove the zip once extracted and the world will appear when you open the app. Still though the world doesn't work, because the one he provides isn't the one shown.