2020 Tesla Roadster Addon

Though you may not get the Tesla Roadster 2020 in 2020, you can still enjoy the most exciting features in your Minecraft world. From the eye catching design, to the zippy responsiveness, there is a lot to love about this addon. This update brings some quality of life features.

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We've tweaked the animation of the wheels as well as added an adaptive spoiler to the back, making this more similar to the real deal.


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i cant download it
maybe change the link
Please make the First generation Tesla Roadster
can't import
Plz add link for mcaddon file
It said that there was a dangerous link and Eset would not let me in. I do not recommend, stay away from dangerous sites.
I actually have the addons without getting a virus on my pc and I found my way around it. Imma show people how to get the teslas since this link dont work.
The lihk sent me to youtube so i thought i was gonna get rick rolled
I can't import
When I changed it from zip file to mcaddon, its says "Failed to import". I think your addons are incompatible for mcpe android. Pls kindly fix it :)
This is the best based Addon Maker on MCPEDL. You [guys] are the best!
Can’t import it:(
i love the roadster can you make a trailer for the semi truck pls
......i cant import it!
Can you make Tesla Model S
How do i download this?
Nvm i figured it out
Flawless. Amazing design. Perfect speed. Good color choice. Simply, amazing. 10/10
How can I find it?