Published on October 13, 2021 (Updated on May 12, 2022)

'67 Mazda Cosmo Sport L10a - [Acceleration Added]

Here’s yet another car that I’ve wanted to do for ages, the one and only Cosmo Sport L10a, a coupe that marks Mazda’s first car to be fitted with everyone’s favourite engine type, the rotary/Wankel engine,  and as such, introduced Mazda to the world as an upcoming, unique and technologically advanced car manufacturer. Aside the use of the rotary engine, in this case, the 1.0L Mazda 10A (0810 for Series I/L10a) rotary engine, it had the design that challenged that of other European sports cars of the time. Weighing just about 980kg and being able to produce a respectful 110hp at 7000rpm, the L10a could reach a top speed of up to 185km/h which wasn’t solely just impressive for its time, but also considering its relatively low displacement of just 982cc (1.0L) and it’s affordable price of ¥1.48 million or US$4.1k (thats US$13k in near present day) at the time. Affordable, powerful, sleek design and most importantly, powered by a rotary - what else could you possibly want?

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• Update 12/5/22

  1. Made major refinements to the model and textures of the Cosmo L10a.
  2. Added 2 more liveries (1 variant); the Nürburgring liveries.
  3. Added the nVAS code (acceleration) as well as additional systems from the Immersive Vehicle eXperimental project (IVX project) such as the dynamic hitboxes and the immersive sound effects.


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Make S14 Silvia
Amazing, but 2 people cant ride the car at the same time:(
Please make a 130 series crown!
Definitely a huge improvement to your original Mazda Cosmo model. Great stuff my guy!
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good looking, but make it obtainable in survival
Me seeing Momisato and nerve car, Automatically me, DOWNLOAD
Next car aston Martin please
Like always your addons are always five stars!