Published on February 17, 2022 (Updated on September 29, 2022)

Honda NSX Type S Zero (NA1) (Acceleration Update)

The Japanese car that proved to the world to be a world-class supercar. The car that many recognize as the one that re-defined the supercar class in Japan as society was about to transition from the 20th century to the 21st century. A car that was built by engineering geniuses, designed by world-class designers and received input and feedback from one of the greatest Formula 1 driver to have ever lived *cough* Ayrton *cough* Senna *cough*. The Honda NSX. A car that was built for the sole purpose of being both an all-out high-end supercar whilst still providing a high level of ergonomic comfort to it’s driver, something that was considered a novelty for a mid-engine supercar to have at the time. Powered by Honda's high-revving, naturally aspirated 3.2-liter DOHC V6 engine (for the Type-S Zero specifically), the C23B, which was was located just behind the passenger compartment, the NSX could generate an upwards of 276hp on top of allowing for superior handling. And while 276hp may not seem much on paper, when fitted into the ultra-lightweight body of the NSX (Type S Zero), allowed the NSX to achieve a staggering top speed of 302km/h. Fast, ergonomic, beautifully engineered and sleek in design, the NSX is without a doubt an ideal choice of a 90's supercar.

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Update 29/9/22

  1. Implemented the nVAS (vehicle acceleration) code for the cars.
  2. Added glass to the car models.
  3. Added the "Red + GT Wing" color and set option.


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Can I use this ad-on for a world I’m planing to put on to this website?
Create the shelby cobra 427 or bmw m3 gtr. The game will be fun with these cars.
Create a Fiat 126p will be fun:D
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Great addon my man.
Can u make a 2008 mustang gt/cs with raxiom gen 5 taillights
You can create a new mod/addon for luxury vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, aircraft and long-travel trails. for a modern and rich city series.can you please do that.