Published on April 03, 2022

'84 Ferrari 288 GTO

The exotic homologation machine derived from the renown 308 GTB that was mainly developed as Ferrari's take to enter one of the world's most dangerous, exciting and infamous rally tournament, Group B. The 288 GTO. Has everything you love about the 308 GTB but improved and upgraded in almost every aspect. Equipped with wider fenders, those who love the 308 GTB and wide body kits would immediately come to adore and love it - improved from a design aspect. For those who care about performance, the 288 is equipped with a twin-turbo 2.9L V8 engine - which aside allowing the 288 to produce a much increased 395bhp from the 253bhp of the 308, gives the driver of the 288 a chance to experience the eargasmic sounds of the turbochargers as they spool up. This, is the car that you should get if you love sleek retro Italian car designs and racing-tuned performance cars, in one package. Or if you simply want a racing tuned 308 GTB.


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Keep it up well, only you can do something modern for example BMW M5 Mercedes Sprinter Lada Priora Tank too But I say thanks for the quality mods
All you're car addons are just amazing, but I would really like to see a new Before and After series of the Toyota Land Crusier 2021 model and 1980 model pls.
Can you do the Citroen ds pls?
Great car, can you make a Shelby cobra would be amazing.
Very cute car but there are some suggestions for some cars
Mercedes-Benz c-class w202
Mercedes-Benz Gclass
And Mercedes-Benz 240 w123